Jordan is the heaven for smokers

Among the many places that I will definitely miss when I return back to Jordan is PanerBread. It is my favorite place to study, read a good book, or hangout with friends. PaneraBread is a bakery and a coffeehouse and they make very delicious sandwiches as well. The reason I like coffeehouses here in the US is the clean fresh air. It is not an outdoor place but the reason I am saying it has fresh air is that it is smoking free. On the other hand, coffeehouses in Jordan are literally foggy with almost every one smoke and with the popular use of the hookah. Unless you are addict to Nicotine and smoke, coffeehouses in Jordan are the last place you want to be, especially for someone like me who hate smoke.

When I was an undergraduate in Jordan, a professor used to smoke in class. He holds a cigarette in his left hand and a chalk in the right hand. Of course as it is the customary in Jordan people never ask you if you have a problem with smoking. I remember also some proctors used to allow some students to smoke during the exam. The smokers’ excuse was that they can’t focus unless they smoke!

My ex-roommate, done with PhD and in Jordan now, was a big time smoker. He never smoked in our apartment. But he was dreaming of the day he will go back to Jordan and smoke any where. I think Jordan is the heaven for smokers. People there smoke everywhere either it is a closed place, in front of infants or in front of people with asthma it does not matter. People will smoke a cigarette after another non-stop.

Till I go back to Jordan I want to breath a clean fresh air as much as I can.


3 thoughts on “Jordan is the heaven for smokers

  1. I’m with you, man. There are No Smoking signs all over the place…just not enforced.

    Oh, and one more great thing concerning Panera Bread: free high-speed internet.

  2. Regarding the free high-speed internet (Wi-Fi) there is another coffeehouse here in my town called Lakota. They sell their amazing coffee for ONE dollar only. For $1 USD they provide tasty coffee with a smile, free Wi-Fi and free power (my laptop has no battery now) and of course in a free smoking place.

    And yes, I saw it by my own eyes that some medical doctors smoke in hospitals.

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