Charlie Rose or Jerry Springer?

One of the good things about American TV is that it satisfies every viewer’s taste. Viewers who eagerly want to know how Paris Hilton is spending her days in Jail can watch the top news broadcasters such as CNN, Fox, and MSNBC. The same channels that broadcast news about war in Iraq, new immigration laws, and the Democratic vs. Republican debate.

On a related media issue, my top TV personality is no one but Charlie Rose. By far he is the best TV host ever. With only a black background and round table, Charlie Rose interviews his guests with charm and intelligence. His guests are the top thinkers, philanthropist, entrepreneur, medical doctors, researchers on all fields of sciences, columnist, novelist you name it. Unlike Larry King he does not interview the 15 minutes fame kind of celebrities. Though his guests are all the best in their fields of expertise and differ in the way they see the world they all agree that they are the honored one to be on his show.

Watching his daily show alone is enough to know what is happening in the world in the politic, science, medicine, and many other vital fields. I would recommend watching his marvelous show to everyone cares about the world’s fare.

On the other hand, there is Jerry Springer the host of a show that does not make sense to me what so ever. Every episode he brought two, or more, group of peoples (families, boyfriend/girlfriend, mother-in-laws, mistresses, etc) and let them curse and fight in the show. The audience meanwhile shout “Jerry, Jerry,…” I am not sure why. His show has lots of obscenity which turns out what many people want to watch. What really shock me is that according to a documentary about this show nothing is staged all real people. If you watch this show you will know what I am talking about. But as the Americans say “Common sense is not a common sense”. What make sense to you may not make sense to others and this is what our world about; DIFFERENCES.

As I said this is the American TV it satisfies all viewers taste, and I like it for that.


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