Complicated Versus Complex

Today, during our research group meeting I heard and learned a new concept. The new thing I learned is that there is a difference between complicated and complex systems. And it is studied in many fields, health science, business, computer science, and many others.

In a nutshell,complicated means not simple, but ultimately knowable. Power plants, cars, computers are examples of complicated systems. Complex means not simple and never fully knowable because it is not predictable. Genomes, ecosystems, stock markets, the weather and society are all examples of complex systems – large aggregations of many smaller interacting parts. These parts may be species, investors, air particles or individuals [link]


3 thoughts on “Complicated Versus Complex

  1. Interesting! I’m in the science/healthcare field and maybe that’s why don’t normally use the word “complicated” but often refer to things as “complex”.

  2. I found this complicated vs. complex concept really interesting. Scientists can’t and don’t want to create complex systems. They usually build complicated systems but later their systems may become complex if it become unpredictable especially if human interaction is involved for example.

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