Publish or Perish

My recent addiction is WordPress‘s “blog stat”. As if I need more distractions in my life. On the earlier days, mid 90s, I had Tetris to blame and to less extent Pokemon, the video game not the character. Recently, my addictions are FreeCell, FaceBook, Outlook, my Dell x50 pocket PC, JordanBlogs (stop posting please), and NetFlix’s “Your Queue” (It is a list of the customer’s movies that he wishes to watch. Netflix will send these DVDs one by one. NetFlix is by far, one of the best man made creation ever. Maybe not the best but it is the coolest idea and service). All these add it to blogging.

Anyway, this “Blog Stat” thing is a real pain. I check it at least twice a day to see how many people read my blog. Maybe I will not care if I have many people reading my blog but only two or three people reading my posts is not that satisfying.

In the academia, “Publish or perish” is in the heart of every dedicated researcher. A scientist or a researcher without publications is like a car without a gas (i.e., useless) . Publish or perish concept is important for graduate students and very important for scientists in the beginning of their career. But, later this concept will not advance them or their career because it is not about publishing only, it is about how many other scientists cited them and how many benefited from their publications. During my Masters I was very proud of myself because I published five conference papers and two journal papers. I thought this was a big achievement. Although, some of my papers were published in some top conferences and journals none of my publications were cited.

Now, as a PhD student I know it is not about just publishing, or better put it is quality not quantity. I have few more publications while doing my PhD but I am only proud of one because finally some people are citing my work, and some others are emailing me for some advice.

Writing something that makes people enjoy reading it or finding it useful is what makes a successful blogger. I am not that one yet but I hope to be one some day.


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