A dream called success

Everyone yearns for success in his life, study, work, social life, etc. Whatever that success is for it is everyone’s dream. Success means recognition from others and recognition from others means happiness and that is why everyone is looking for success because they hope for happiness.

You work hard and then you work harder because you yearn for this success. The harder you work the more eager and more aggressive you are for this success. But how sure you are about your judgment during this process? Do you mind people judging you because of the way you are during the process of seeking success? Do you mind being lonely? Do you mind facing failure after failure because you know deep inside that one day you will make it, that one day you will forget all these miserable lonely days when you are at the top of the mountain. When the ecstasy strikes and does its magic. It is at this point in life that you feel you are the happiest person on earth.

How do you feel in the first day of the job? What will you do with your first salary? How will you react when your boss or adviser tells you that you have done a great job? It is always about recognition from others. We live for that recognition; we do whatever we can do for that thing called appreciation. The more people recognize and appreciate our work the better we feel. We work hard to establish this wide-base of recognition. The more recognition we have the higher we go up.

But, when you are at the top reach for the others and remember what Al Pacino said in The Devil’s Advocate movie “Vanity, definitely my favorite sin.”

Here is something really funny for those who are in the grad school. I call it “life before the long awaited success!”

How life looks like before the long awaited success.


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