Some rich Jordanian students are demanding an increase in the college tuition!

I haven’t read or heard that such a thing happened anywhere else in this world at least not in the past 20 years. You can only imagine that such thing might be happened in the dark ages but not in the year 2008 and not in a poor country such as Jordan.

According to the Middle-East online some rich Jordanian students are demanding that their university become accessible only to them by increasing the tuition. Otherwise, god forbids, both poor and rich students will be in the same room. Imagine how weak the quality of learning will be if poor and rich students studied in the same place.

The article is in Arabic but here are some excerpts:

  • Rich students demand an increase in the tuition to prevent the poor from entering their university.
  • The poor, according to statistics, make about 77% of the population of Jordan.
  • Jordan is one of the poorest countries in the world in natural resources, industrial and economic development.
  • College education is one of the greatest challenges facing the Jordanian families.

I wonder where those students live to think that education is exclusive to some wealthy people?!

I hope this thing is just another rumor and not true.



5 thoughts on “Some rich Jordanian students are demanding an increase in the college tuition!

  1. Not mentioning the name of the university is not exclusive to this newspaper. It is very common in the Arab media not to mention names. For example, these statements are very likely to be used, “ in a neighbor country”, “a man from an Arab country”, “in one of the institutes” , etc.)

  2. i think and i know it is true that there is people like this , who wants everything to be theirs and for other poor ones to struggle or even stop trying to get better eduction, the funny thing and the irony in this article is that most of rich people saying that, are disturbed in their studies by seeing poor people in universities campaigns, as they are all genius and willing to make alot of difference in jordan by getting rid of a problem instead of solving it ……… nice post

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