Stroszek (1977)

This is a script of a scene from the German movie Stroszek (1977). The movie got 100% positive reviews from approved Tomatometer Critics.

Thank you Netflix!

Bruno: Here you see a schematic model I have made of how it looks inside Bruno. They are closing all the doors on him, and oh, so, politely. Now we’re in America and I thought everything would be better and we’d reach our goal. But no. Bruno’s getting pushed aside as if he didn’t exist. …

Eva: Nobody kicks you here.

Bruno: No, not physically. Here they do it spiritually.

Eva: What do you mean?

Bruno: In the reformatory it was just like here. If someone wet his bed, this was under the Nazis instead of hanging the sheet on the clothesline; they used to make the person who did it, stand holding it up like this all day and the teacher would stand behind him with a stick and boy, if his arms started getting tired from standing so long he got a beating. … They hurt you openly then. Today they do it differently. They don’t go like this, or like this (beating). They do it ever so politely, and with a smile. It’s much worse. You can smell it in the air, and you can see it, too. Who knows what fate will bring?


2 thoughts on “Stroszek (1977)

  1. all for the sake of achieving the American dream!!! oh, that unattainable dream!

    haven’t seen the movie nor heard of it before, but the script you’ve provided is intriguing that i’ll most likely order it off netflix some time soon, inshalla.

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