Eid in America – Away From Home!

You wake up early take a shower and then look in the closet for something that looks nice and you have not wear it for a long time so people think it is new. You dress up …

You go for the Eid prayer. You pray then listen to the Imam’s speech…

You hug and kiss then hug more and more (none is a relative, just people you knew from the Mosque)…

You call family back home. In the background, you smell your mother’s homemade ma’moul and mentally see every detail in the house.

You hang up and fake a smile in front of people…

You mingle with people and go for a coffee with friends…

Then you go back to school because you have work to do.

Finally, you think to yourself that there is nothing like HOME!

Eid Mubarak!


4 thoughts on “Eid in America – Away From Home!

  1. Awwwwww inshallah the coming eids will be better! I think your title should be more like Eid away from home and not eid in america….for lots of muslims America is considered “home”. The year I celebrated Eid in Jordan I was away from my family and wanted to be “home”!

    Kul 3am winta bkhair!

  2. there is nowhere like home, especially during such celebrations, indeed!
    I totally was depressed yesterday while calling my family back home because they had Eid whereas our masjid decided to follow their own moon-sighting. honestly, it never is about fasting an extra day(which has been happening every single year ever since i moved here), but rather me wanting to feel festive and celebratory in accordance with the rest of my family members in Jordan, as well as in the States (my brother in Philly celebrated Eid yesterday).
    However, our masjid members have arranged a trip to the lake tomorrow (yes, on a working day!), which i think is an awesome idea! I talked to my prof. and will be taking tomorrow off, yaaay.. And since i love outings, especially the ones to the lake, I guess this will compensate a bit for celebrating Eid away from home.
    Eid Mubarak, inshalla 🙂

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