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The Etiquettes of using the Cell Phone

For Allah’s sake when you speak on your cell phone lower your voice or go somewhere away from people. We the unpopular human beings have no interest what so ever in hearing your conversation. We got it you are popular, you are important, you are the lover, and you are the problem solver. Yet, please take your conversation, your beloved valued cell phone, and over the air distant friend away from us. I wonder why you think others are interested in hearing your conversation, is it because you have personality issues.

But there is always this angel-behaving person. One time I was enjoying my coffee during a very pleasant weather at the patio of It’s A Grind. I was working on my boring and straight to the library’s shelves dissertation. In my company, were my lovely green (my favorite color) Dell Inspiron laptop, couple of books, scattered research papers, and my black American unsweet (actually, sugarless) coffee. I think because it was during a weekday and at around 3 pm, I was the only one enjoying the sun at the patio. Oh, the sun I love you, I adore you. Later on, a girl in her mid 20s sat in a table nearby. After a short time she looked toward my table and, politely, said “excuse me; I am going to make couple of phone calls if you don’t mind.” Or maybe she said “I hope I don’t disturb you.” I forgot what exactly she said but it was something well-mannered. I answered positively. Even though we were in an open space she kept her voice low minding that some people (that is, me) will be annoyed or distracted. I was shocked; I didn’t expect that some people are still that nice and courteous when it comes to using their cell phones.

On the other hand, you may be in a quite closed space like a waiting room or some nice coffee shop and the only voice that is breaking the quietness is this moron’s voice speaking so loudly on his/her cell phone. You think to yourself I wish I can do something about it but then you refrain from taking any action because you are so coward and decide to take it like a 13 years old girl and write about it in your pinky journal or maybe in some cases your

One last thing I want to mention is that some people are really obsessed with their cell phones. They will interrupt a face-to-face conversation to answer their cell phone without even saying anything to the person in front of them. This is very rude. We teach our kids to well behave and always say “Thank you” and “Please” why can’t we teach ourselves to well behave when using a new communication technology like the cell phone.

Friday in Jordan vs. USA: Chronological Comparison Study

This is a one day chronological comparison study of some Muslims1 in Jordan vs. USA.


AM: Wake up

AM: Go to school

PM (noon): Eat light lunch (most probably a turkey sandwich)

PM (around 1pm): Got to the only Mosque in town. (Bigger cities have about 5 or 6 mosques. But they are far from each other so you choose to go the nearest one)

PM: Listen to a boring English Khutba about the basics in Islam. Don’t expect to learn anything new.

PM: Fifteen minutes mingling with the guys.

PM: Go back to school.


AM: Sleep

AM: Don’t wake up. You still have couple of hours, why the rush.

PM (noon): Wake up

PM: Go to your favorite Mosque

PM: Determine during the Khutba that you will not come to this Mosque again and decide to go to a different one next time. (We will skip the 101 reasons you think of during the khutba)

PM: Go back home as fast as you can

PM: You appreciate the smell of the Mansaf (the traditional Jordanian food)

PM: Your Mom tells you that the family has to wait Dad.

PM: While you wonder if you can wait any longer and what took your father all that time (the uncountable seconds in the 10-20 minutes) your father is home.

PM: Dig in through the Mansaf like it is your last meal

PM: Sleep


1 Expatriate students in the USA.

Top jobs for night owls

Here is a concise list [detail]

Protective service workers
Average annual salary: Varies by position.

Health-care workers
Average annual salary: Varies by position.

Air traffic controllers
Average annual salary: $117, 240

Computer operators
Average annual salary: $34,000

Funeral directors
Average annual salary: $87,383

Casino dealers
Average annual salary: $11,442

Photo journalists
Average annual salary: $26,351

Taxi drivers
Average annual salary: $25,264

Pastry chefs and bakers
Average annual salary: $35,415

Clinical lab technicians
Average annual salary: $31,159

Except for Air traffic controllers and Funeral directors the salary is not that good so I recommend night owls to transform to early birds for a better salary. Luckily I am an early bird.


الايمان بالغيب

“ان أدبنا الاسلامي – مع الأسف- ونظامنا التعليمي الديني ، وأسلوب الدعوة قد قصر تقصيرا كبيرا في الدعوة الى الايمان بالغيب بايمان وحماسة ، وتساهل في دعمه وتغذيته والالحاح عليه ، وقد اتجه بعض كتابنا المعاصرين – مع ما لهم من فضل في عرض محاسن الاسلام وتقريبه الى الأذهان – الى صياغة عقلية جديدة للدين ، يتفق فيها مع العلم الحديث والعقلية الجديدة ، فجنى ذلك ، الى حد ومن غير ارادة ، على روح الايمان بالغيب ، واعتاد الشباب الاسلامي المثقف أن لاينشط الا للمألوف المقرر ، والواقع المتكرر في الحياة الطبيعية ، أما ما شذ عنه وخرج عليه ، واحتاج في تصديقه الى ايمان أعمق وأوسع ، واعتماد على صدق المخبر ، فانه لا يقبله الا على مضض وجهد ، ولا ينشط له ولا يرحب به ، ويرى في ذلك منافاة لما سمع وآمن به من أن الاسلام هو دين العقل ودين العلم ، ولا شك أن الاسلام كذلك ، ولا شك أن صحيح المنقول لا يناقض صريح المعقول … ويعجبني في ذلك كلمة لنابغة العرب ، بل نابغة الدنيا في فلسفة التاريخ وعلوم العمران العلامة ابن خلدون قال رحمه الله: و لا تثقن بما يزعم لك الفكر من أنه مقتدر على الإحاطة بالكائنات وأسبابها والوقوف على تفصيل الوجود كله و سفه رأيه في ذلك.  واعلم أن الوجود عند كل مدرك في بادئ رأيه منحصر في مداركه لا يعدوها ، والأمر في نفسه بخلاف ذلك ، و الحق من ورائه ، ألا ترى الأصم كيف ينحصر الوجود عنده في المحسوسات الأربع و المعقولات و يسقط، من الوجود عنده صنف المسموعات ، و كذلك الأعمى أيضا يسقط عنده صنف المرئيات ، و لولا ما يردهم إلى ذلك تقليد الآباء و المشيخة من أهل عصرهم و الكافة لما أقروا به،  لكنهم يتبعون الكافة في إثبات هذه الأصناف لا بمقتضى فطرتهم و طبيعة إدراكهم … فإذا علمت هذا فلعل هناك ضربا من الإدراك غير مدركاتنا لأن إدراكاتنا مخلوقة محدثة و خلق الله أكبر من خلق الناس …”

من كتاب “النبوة والأنبياء في ضوء القرآن” ، أبو الحسن الندوي، دار القلم (دمشق -بيروت). 1980

Boredom, Happiness and Bill Murray

If you suffer from [chronic] boredom then the best way to put you out of this mode is, actually, to watch a movie about bored people trying to survive their boring daily life. It may not sound logic but it works for me. Watching Bill Murray whining about his boring life is always a treat. I am not proud to say this but I can, truly, relate to some of his movies. Maybe the feeling that I am not the only person bored on this earth makes me happy.

Here are three different stories that share one common attribute hate; hate of work, place, routine, or even time. I watched many movies about bored people’s life but I think these are my favorite;
1. Office Space (1999).
2. Ground Hog Day, Bill Murray (1993).
3. Lost in Translation, Bill Murray  (2003). Also, a good excuse to watch Scarlett Johansson.

I define heaven on earth to be any place that I am not in at the moment of my speech. For me there is always a nicer place that I need to go see. I lived in four different countries one of them is a year-round tourist attraction green island, yet I hated it. Right now I live in USA which is looked at as the dream destination of millions of people but you have no idea how much I feel I need to be somewhere else. I found that being in the most beautiful place without the people we love brings no joy to us. Finding happiness doing anything without sharing this thrilling exciting moment with someone we love is like a mirage that will disappear as soon as this moment ends. There is nothing compared to sharing a happy moment with someone we love.

I am in love

I am in love with this redhead

I can’t get enough of her

When I am lonely I feel I want to touch her

When I am tired I feel I want to be with her

I can’t stay away from her

I am totally a different man when she is with me

I am not addicted to her but I am truly in love with her.

[My Love]

Men and Gadgets

Bluetooth headset is a great invention and like some other gadgets it has a specific usage. Bluetooth headset is very useful when one’s both hands are engaged. For example, while driving, fixing a car while getting instructions from a friend, or when a new father is calling his wife (who happens to be somewhere else) to get instructions on how to change their newly baby born diaper. This makes sense to use a Bluetooth headset but when a man uses his Bluetooth headset while he is in a coffee shop or walking in street, with both hands in pockets, this is stupid. Why in the world anyone wants to be caught talking to himself? People grow up!

Last year, a friend of mine bragged about his new over $700 Nokia N(add a fancy number) cell phone. $700 is even more expensive than a good new laptop! This Nokia phone has a GPS and internet beside the redundant huge memory to save stupid ringtones and video clips. Anyway, one time while travelling out of town we lost the way so I asked my friend to check the address from his phone, which is embedded with a GPS. It turns out that we couldn’t use the GPS because it is a service he needs to subscribe to. Neither does he can use the internet from his phone. My question is why buy an insanely expensive phone if all what you want to do with it is make phone calls?