Men and Gadgets

Bluetooth headset is a great invention and like some other gadgets it has a specific usage. Bluetooth headset is very useful when one’s both hands are engaged. For example, while driving, fixing a car while getting instructions from a friend, or when a new father is calling his wife (who happens to be somewhere else) to get instructions on how to change their newly baby born diaper. This makes sense to use a Bluetooth headset but when a man uses his Bluetooth headset while he is in a coffee shop or walking in street, with both hands in pockets, this is stupid. Why in the world anyone wants to be caught talking to himself? People grow up!

Last year, a friend of mine bragged about his new over $700 Nokia N(add a fancy number) cell phone. $700 is even more expensive than a good new laptop! This Nokia phone has a GPS and internet beside the redundant huge memory to save stupid ringtones and video clips. Anyway, one time while travelling out of town we lost the way so I asked my friend to check the address from his phone, which is embedded with a GPS. It turns out that we couldn’t use the GPS because it is a service he needs to subscribe to. Neither does he can use the internet from his phone. My question is why buy an insanely expensive phone if all what you want to do with it is make phone calls?


4 thoughts on “Men and Gadgets

  1. hahahaha 3njad great question !! he must checked the services b4 paying 700$ on a mobile !!
    but do u know what ?? these bluetooth headsets cause an unbelievable headache 😦

  2. I am not sure about the headache, I never used the bluetooth headset before but I know the voice coming out of them is not clear. I can tell when someone talk to me through them.

  3. Oh this one drives me crazy especially when one is walking around wearing it all the time looking like an absolute idiot and thinks he looks super awesome and cute cause guess what he is wearing a car set thing in the office duhhhhhh

    Hey one more thing I added you to my blog roll hope you do not mind 🙂

  4. I am in someone’s blog roll!
    I am in someone’s blog roll!
    I am in someone’s blog roll!
    souonecanobee, thanks for reading my blog.

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