Boredom, Happiness and Bill Murray

If you suffer from [chronic] boredom then the best way to put you out of this mode is, actually, to watch a movie about bored people trying to survive their boring daily life. It may not sound logic but it works for me. Watching Bill Murray whining about his boring life is always a treat. I am not proud to say this but I can, truly, relate to some of his movies. Maybe the feeling that I am not the only person bored on this earth makes me happy.

Here are three different stories that share one common attribute hate; hate of work, place, routine, or even time. I watched many movies about bored people’s life but I think these are my favorite;
1. Office Space (1999).
2. Ground Hog Day, Bill Murray (1993).
3. Lost in Translation, Bill Murray  (2003). Also, a good excuse to watch Scarlett Johansson.

I define heaven on earth to be any place that I am not in at the moment of my speech. For me there is always a nicer place that I need to go see. I lived in four different countries one of them is a year-round tourist attraction green island, yet I hated it. Right now I live in USA which is looked at as the dream destination of millions of people but you have no idea how much I feel I need to be somewhere else. I found that being in the most beautiful place without the people we love brings no joy to us. Finding happiness doing anything without sharing this thrilling exciting moment with someone we love is like a mirage that will disappear as soon as this moment ends. There is nothing compared to sharing a happy moment with someone we love.


2 thoughts on “Boredom, Happiness and Bill Murray

  1. I never thought of that as a solution of Boredom it is weird both the solution and that it works. But will try it I definitely suffer from discontent from life and work in general will definitely try your way don’t you have some movies about boredom that stars Colin Farrell or Brad Pitt 😉

  2. Hmm.. Colin Farrell and Brad Pitt feeling bored! I don’t think so 🙂 I have never seen a movie for Brad Pitt were he is not enthusiastic about his work and life, I like his acting very much. Colin Farrell on the other hand hated his job in his movie “In Bruges” (2008). You can give this movie a try.

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