Top jobs for night owls

Here is a concise list [detail]

Protective service workers
Average annual salary: Varies by position.

Health-care workers
Average annual salary: Varies by position.

Air traffic controllers
Average annual salary: $117, 240

Computer operators
Average annual salary: $34,000

Funeral directors
Average annual salary: $87,383

Casino dealers
Average annual salary: $11,442

Photo journalists
Average annual salary: $26,351

Taxi drivers
Average annual salary: $25,264

Pastry chefs and bakers
Average annual salary: $35,415

Clinical lab technicians
Average annual salary: $31,159

Except for Air traffic controllers and Funeral directors the salary is not that good so I recommend night owls to transform to early birds for a better salary. Luckily I am an early bird.



2 thoughts on “Top jobs for night owls

  1. OH I am a night owel and don’t sleep can I apply to a couple of them.. I would go for Funeral directors “Not so many complaining customers”, Photo journalists “Will get to go places and photo things I am good at that already” What about you what would you prefer ?

  2. “Not so many complaining customers.” That was funny. I am definitely not a night owl. I love the sun maybe because the night reminds me of the end of a day. Days in my life goes so fast I cannot keep up with. Regarding jobs, I will choose any job that does not confine me to a cubical. I hate cubicles and offices without windows. That is why I like teaching every semester new people, new life.

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