Friday in Jordan vs. USA: Chronological Comparison Study

This is a one day chronological comparison study of some Muslims1 in Jordan vs. USA.


AM: Wake up

AM: Go to school

PM (noon): Eat light lunch (most probably a turkey sandwich)

PM (around 1pm): Got to the only Mosque in town. (Bigger cities have about 5 or 6 mosques. But they are far from each other so you choose to go the nearest one)

PM: Listen to a boring English Khutba about the basics in Islam. Donโ€™t expect to learn anything new.

PM: Fifteen minutes mingling with the guys.

PM: Go back to school.


AM: Sleep

AM: Donโ€™t wake up. You still have couple of hours, why the rush.

PM (noon): Wake up

PM: Go to your favorite Mosque

PM: Determine during the Khutba that you will not come to this Mosque again and decide to go to a different one next time. (We will skip the 101 reasons you think of during the khutba)

PM: Go back home as fast as you can

PM: You appreciate the smell of the Mansaf (the traditional Jordanian food)

PM: Your Mom tells you that the family has to wait Dad.

PM: While you wonder if you can wait any longer and what took your father all that time (the uncountable seconds in the 10-20 minutes) your father is home.

PM: Dig in through the Mansaf like it is your last meal

PM: Sleep


1 Expatriate students in the USA.


6 thoughts on “Friday in Jordan vs. USA: Chronological Comparison Study

  1. Jaraad, right on, jad!
    I go to the gym before going to school, especially on Fridays…well, that’s for people who need a mental wake-up boost in the morning that even fresh brewed coffee doesn’t do the job ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    so true about Jum3a khutba’s.. bidalo ya3eedo ow yezeedo fi ahamiyet elsalah and how ablution is performed while never addressing issues and challenges the Muslim local community faces!

    however, nothing makes up for Friday mansafs back home! you forgot the 2ahweh sadaa that comes afterwards, then slumber comes next ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. that wasnt part of today’s ‘7utba, but it was just an example which actually happened.

    today’s ‘7utba was about importance of salaat esti’7ara, as opposed to basing one’s future plans on fortune telling…

  3. It is completely true !!!
    Well gotta check how it is look like from a Jordanian girl point of view !!
    check it outHERE,plz
    I guarantee that happen during all Fridays except Ramdan !

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