The Etiquettes of using the Cell Phone

For Allah’s sake when you speak on your cell phone lower your voice or go somewhere away from people. We the unpopular human beings have no interest what so ever in hearing your conversation. We got it you are popular, you are important, you are the lover, and you are the problem solver. Yet, please take your conversation, your beloved valued cell phone, and over the air distant friend away from us. I wonder why you think others are interested in hearing your conversation, is it because you have personality issues.

But there is always this angel-behaving person. One time I was enjoying my coffee during a very pleasant weather at the patio of It’s A Grind. I was working on my boring and straight to the library’s shelves dissertation. In my company, were my lovely green (my favorite color) Dell Inspiron laptop, couple of books, scattered research papers, and my black American unsweet (actually, sugarless) coffee. I think because it was during a weekday and at around 3 pm, I was the only one enjoying the sun at the patio. Oh, the sun I love you, I adore you. Later on, a girl in her mid 20s sat in a table nearby. After a short time she looked toward my table and, politely, said “excuse me; I am going to make couple of phone calls if you don’t mind.” Or maybe she said “I hope I don’t disturb you.” I forgot what exactly she said but it was something well-mannered. I answered positively. Even though we were in an open space she kept her voice low minding that some people (that is, me) will be annoyed or distracted. I was shocked; I didn’t expect that some people are still that nice and courteous when it comes to using their cell phones.

On the other hand, you may be in a quite closed space like a waiting room or some nice coffee shop and the only voice that is breaking the quietness is this moron’s voice speaking so loudly on his/her cell phone. You think to yourself I wish I can do something about it but then you refrain from taking any action because you are so coward and decide to take it like a 13 years old girl and write about it in your pinky journal or maybe in some cases your

One last thing I want to mention is that some people are really obsessed with their cell phones. They will interrupt a face-to-face conversation to answer their cell phone without even saying anything to the person in front of them. This is very rude. We teach our kids to well behave and always say “Thank you” and “Please” why can’t we teach ourselves to well behave when using a new communication technology like the cell phone.


3 thoughts on “The Etiquettes of using the Cell Phone

  1. “We teach our kids to well behave and always say “Thank you” and “Please” why can’t we teach ourselves to well behave when using a new communication technology like the cell phone.”
    thank you for saying this!

    I’ve always thought that whether with cellphones and/or with any other type of cyber interaction, social etiquettes of human interaction should still follow the traditional line of regular interaction. people should mind their behavior and be considerate toward others at all times. period.

  2. dude, some people appreciate being center of attention and they actually do a lot to convince themselves that people do care about their conversation and they even think that people will have a conversation about their conversation.

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