Be nice to your students

Last summer, one of my students was pulled over on suspicion of driving erratically. After searching the car, they found his mother’s body wrapped in a blanket next to a shovel in the trunk. I can’t give details about this crime but last year I was in shock. I am very happy I was nice to him. He looked normal in class. Actually, he was an “A” student.

Note to self: Be nice to the students.


9 thoughts on “Be nice to your students

  1. WOW! That first sentence pulled me right into your blog. AAAHHH. If he did that to his mother, imagine what he would do to a snarky professor on a bad day. @@

  2. Naddoush, difficult exams are no more. I don’t want to end in someone’s trunk 🙂
    Kinzi, why you have to say that now? 🙂 That is why it took me a whole year to talk about it.

  3. Thank you Kinzi. Very thoughtful of you. I wouldn’t say it was a trauma for me but it was a shock to know that a 19 years old and an “A” student would do such horrible thing to his mother.

  4. So,Kinzi how do you suggest that Jaraad deal with this trauma now that he finally can talk about it.I have been dealing with processing a trauma that I experienced now for 1 month and 3 weeks,myself.

  5. After a difficult exam I gave my students, I found my new car scratched bumper to bumper, with a dent on the side.
    It was my first new car, just one month out of the dealer’s. It cost me a small fortune. I’m still furious with anger over it.

  6. oh goodness! that is terrible.

    btw .. i am teaching a course next semseter .. i hope that doesn’t happen to me 😛 I’ll make sure to be extra nice

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