A lesson in world geography

Subject: A conversation between me and a salesperson who wanted to exchange pleasantry, mistakenly thinking I am a rich tourist, before trying to sell me something which I forgot what it was.

Place: South Asia

Time: 1998

sp: Hello!

jaraad: Hi!

sp: Where are you from?

jaraad: Jordan

sp: Oh! Where is that? (smiling)

jaraad: It is near Iraq. (At that time I assumed everyone knows Iraq because of the Kuwait invasion and desert storm, etc.)

sp: I am not sure where that is.

jaraad: You know, near Saudi Arabia. (Thinking he should have seen pictures on TV of Muslims, Hajj, Mecca (Makkah), etc)

sp: I am sorry. (Shaking his head with some embarrassment)

jaraad: You know Palestine and Israel? (I though again okay there is no way he never heard of the Middle East conflict. This is it!)

sp: (still have no clue where in the world are all these countries.) Is it somewhere near Argentina?

jaraad: Exactly!

You may think that this salesperson was trying to goof around or make fun of this foreigner but no he was an extreme case of no geographic sense what so ever.


5 thoughts on “A lesson in world geography

  1. Singapore is safe and livable. But rather small and clinical for me. I like something with a little bit more chaos and a little more personal space.

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