Ethnic Jordanian

I know Wikipedia is not the most trusted source of information but when it comes to data about a country I think someone should take responsibility to correct this information unless the data below is correct. In the list below, it seems “ethnic Jordanian” refers to Jordanians who consider themselves as Jordanians from a Jordanian origin, they add up to only 17% of the Jordanian population 1% less than the Iraqis! [source]

I have been away from Jordan for too long so I am not sure about the numbers below but I think 17% is too small. Beside, the sum of these percentages is not equal to 100%. What do you think?

Ethnic and religious toleration: Jordan’s population has a very diverse background.

60% – Palestinian

18% – Iraqi

17% – ethnic Jordanian

~5% – Armenians, Chechens, Circassians, other


3 thoughts on “Ethnic Jordanian

  1. Hmmmm – the numbers I usually get is around 20-25% ethnic Jordanians. But I guess – as long as the government won’t make an official census – we will never know the exact number…

  2. One of the decisive things that puts the United States where it is among the top countries is planing. You can’t plan if you don’t have numbers. The Americans have numbers about almost everything you can think of or not. Jordan needs these numbers to plan for its future. The most important area that will benefit from these numbers is education. The demographic of Jordan has changed exponentially in the last 50 years yet our education curriculum is the same and that is why many Jordanians have identity problem; either defending it in a very stupid racist way (as I read about it in the last football game between Wehdat and Faisaly) or stepping over it in an unpatriotic way (as few Jordanians do when they leave the country).
    As Naddoush mentioned the government has no intention in making any official census about the demographic of Jordan. With every new government we hear of new plans to advance Jordan but we have never heard of a plan to unite Jordanians.

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