End of the summer semester 2009

I might be more excited to finish this semester than my students. The past two months were really very overwhelming; glued in front of my computer preparing for class, lab, grading, and replying to students’ emails. All these daily tasks made my day full of work.

Anyway, yesterday, I finished grading. Today, I submitted students’ grades and cheered for the end of the semester. Tomorrow, I am traveling to Houston for a week. Hopefully, I will visit the Galveston for the second time. It is a nice city located on the Gulf Coast of Texas.


6 thoughts on “End of the summer semester 2009

  1. Great news… so now it’s time to enjoy after the RUSH semester. RUNAWAY even from the AGONY of the washing machines 😉 .

    Happy for you.. Good Luck 🙂

  2. :S You are Teasing me 😥
    I still have another 26 days to struggle within

    Wish u best time in ur vacation
    bs wallah ya Dr we “the students” have worst time
    at least you “teachers” … stuck with one related thing to work in , but we are multithreading machines -.-

  3. Ibrahim, I am trying to run away ASAP but I still receive emails from students asking for grade change, have to read and reply.

    Secratea, I am going to write a post about “Ya3teek alf 3afyeh” because I found “3afyeh” means “fire” to the people from Maghrib al3arabi (North Africa)! So they say “Ya3teek al se7a”. I know it is weird 🙂 and yes I deserve a vacation.

    eNas, Lucky me 🙂 Yes, I know summer semester is terrible for everyone. May Allah grant you strength and make it easy on you.

    Haitham, yes you are right we don’t have fun as much as we used to.

    Thanks All!

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