A new email scam

I received an email from a friend of mine who just went to England to pursue his graduate studies. The email below was very strange because it looks somehow it is a scam but since you receive this from a friend you have to double check with this 1% doubt you have, hoping he is safe and not having problems. Luckily, this email turned to be a scam and nothing bad happened to my friend.

Now, the reason this scam is dangerous is because it is not like the other obvious Nigerian scams asking you to help them transfer millions of dollars to your bank account. The hacker in this case made you believe that your friend is in trouble and you have to help him. Specially, in this case were my friend was intending to go to UK. Here is the email I received verbatim:

Subject: Please help me…………

I am in a hurry writing you this message i am sorry i didn’t inform you about my urgent trip to London, i don’t have much time on the pc here,so i have to brief you my present situation which requires your urgent response actually, I had a trip to London but unfortunately for me all my money got stolen at the hotel where i lodged due to a robbery incident that happened in the hotel.I had been so restless since last night cos i have been without any money moreover the Hotel’s telephone lines here got dissconnected by the robbers and they are trying to get them fixed back i have access to only emails at the library because my mobile cant work here so i didnt bring it along,please i want you to help me with money so please can you send me 1500pounds so when i return back i would refund it back to you as soon as i get home,I am so confused right now and dont know what to do,Please you can have it sent through Western Union Money Transfer so will get it  immediately its sent but let me know if you can help me then i will make findings.please let me hear from you below is the address and name where you can send the money to today please.Its really urgent for me as i dont know what to do right now than to leave here soonest you send it to me and i’ll pay you back immediately i get home..Thanks alot for your kindness,

Name…(my friend’s full name)
Address….49 Gloucester Place, Marble Arch.
City… London
Zip Code… W1U 8JE
Country… United Kingdom


5 thoughts on “A new email scam

  1. Wow – that is erally convincing. But how did they get your friends full name and knew that you two were friends?
    These things never seize to amaze me. Hmmm.

    I would be in the clear with most of my friends, since they would be writing me in Danish, but still – and I’m so naive I might have fallen for it.

  2. Naddoush, I guess my friend was corresponding with some UK universities and I am sure he wrote his full name for some official emails so they managed to get his full name when they had access to his email account. I was one of the people whom my friend correspond regarding his study in USA vs UK. But I think they send this email to couple or more people in his email list.

  3. We have seen theses scams on Facebook and MySpace. The scammer will hack into your account and message your friends that there is an emergency and they need you to wire them money . . . since it is sent from their real account, you believe it.

    If only those scammers would use their powers for good instead of evil!

    Shawn Mosch
    Co-Founder of Scam Victims United

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