There is no such thing as “secret”

Among the many problems I am dealing with in my life, I have one in particular that no one knows about because I managed to keep it to myself for five years. This problem started five and a half years ago but after six months it disappeared. Out of a sudden it surfaced back again with more impact. What I have learned from this experience is that problems don’t disappear they just temporary hide. Unless you solve your problem it will hunt you down later on. And when the problem reappears it will not be the same, it will be bigger. That’s right; problems have the ability to grow while they are in the hide. Try to solve your problems as soon as possible.

For some reason, this current problem reminded me of a movie that I watched couple of months ago. The movie is called “After the Wedding”, a Danish movie that was made in 2006. I liked everything about this movie; the acting, the story, the events, etc. The movie talks about a family secret and the consequences after the secret is revealed. If you are into ping-bang, chick flick, boom boom or any of that sort of Hollywood movies then this is not your movie. Again, thank you Netflix for giving me the opportunity to see beyond Hollywood movies. This movie is highly recommended to watch.

after the wedding


4 thoughts on “There is no such thing as “secret”

  1. “…I have one in particular that no one knows about because I managed to keep it to myself for five years.”

    FIVE YEARS??!! wow, that is such a very long time to not share the burden with anyone other than yourself. Allah ye3eenak! Honestly, I can’t keep my problems to myself because i’m the kind that seeks comfort, assurance, advice, and help in dealing with problems that face me..

    Thanks for the movie recommendation; it sounds really interesting. I’ll check if it’s at Blockbuster this weekend, inshalla.

  2. secrate,
    Yes, not talking about our problems make it even more burden. But I think most men usually don’t like to talk about their problems, we don’t seek comfort talking and sharing our problems. We believe that we should solve our problems by ourselves; talking about our problems makes us less masculine. It is sick but this is something most men do. That is why “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” is really true in every sense.

  3. Jaraad, great blog! You’ve got a great take on several issues/posts here.

    Secrets kill the soul. May God give you wisdom, and trustworthy men to give you perspective. It is wisdom that seeks counselers, not out of weakness, but the strength of true understanding

  4. Kinzi, what you said about wisdom, “it is wisdom that seeks counselors”, is so true. Unfortunately, being a member of Mars planet (i.e., the male species) we are known by our lack of communication skills. I sometimes envy people who can share their problems with others.
    Thank you for the kind words and encouragement.

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