Best jobs in America! What they were thinking?

Recently, published a list of 50 best jobs in America. I am glad that among the 50 jobs there were more than 10 jobs in the field of Computer Science; my field. The list ranked the jobs according to the high demands of these skills. However, I think it is misleading to call this list “best jobs in America” it should be called “highly demanded jobs in America”. Easily finding a job in one’s field doesn’t rank it among the best jobs. One common drawback among the 50 listed jobs is long hours. If you work 60 or 80 hours a week do you consider yourself having the best job? I doubt it. It is common to hear from someone working long hours that he/she wishes that they don’t work after 5 pm, or that they don’t have to bring their work to home.

Since I am working on my PhD in Computer Science my future plan is to work as a college professor. According to this list, College Professor job is ranked no. 3. People who are not in the academia may not know that the first 6 years of college professors, who are in a tenure track in American universities, are the most stressful and demanding. I have seen newly appointed college professors in my department come as early as 7 am and not leave before 12 am. Within his first 6 years a college professor, working in a reputable American university, should publish a descent research to be reappointed as an Associate Professor otherwise, the university will fire him. Accordingly, he should look for another less ranked university and restart his tenure track again.

The college professor was just an example of how stressful it is being among the 50 “best” jobs in America. Yes, it is good to easily find a job and yes it is even better if this job can provide a descent salary. Nevertheless, I don’t think they fall under the category of best jobs. If one follows the business trend not his passion toward what he likes to do the rest of his life then I doubt this person will consider his job to be the best job. There is a reason why almost everyone complains about his/her work.

After working as a Software Developer for a while I found that being confined in a cubical wasn’t my best job so I decided to pursue my study to be a researcher or a college professor. I am glad that I found my passion in teaching. Yet, sometimes during my very low moments I wonder how my life would be if my parents encouraged my love of tools and carpentry skills when I was a kid. Would I be the best carpenter Jordanians ever heard of?

See the full list of best jobs in america here.


8 thoughts on “Best jobs in America! What they were thinking?

  1. Man, you have really encouraged! I can not wait for my PhD! But I will not make the same mistake as an undergrad, I will just enjoy my master, and live life as am supposed to!

    Research is my wife =D so I do not mind if I was my whole day with it!

  2. Hi Mr. Jaraad… or should I say Dr. 🙂 … You do not know how happy you made me after reading your post… Do you know I JUST came online to search for help since I was solving a Master Computer Science home work, and I stucked with things, and once I came I found my self on your webpage.

    Your post made me more and more excited about what I am doing 🙂 . Thank you.

    PS: I will come back here soon to invite you to read a new post that I am working on these days… since I like to hear your opinion about it.. it still draft so far 🙂 .

    Best Wishes.

  3. Haitham, Welcome back. I haven’t seen you in the blog-sphere for quite sometime. I went to your website couple of times but I got “Error 404 – Not found” so I thought you stopped blogging. Anyway, I am delighted you found this post encouraging.

    Ibrahim, no Dr. please Jaraad would me more proper. Thank you very much for your kind words. I am very happy that this post encouraged you. May Allah grant you the strength and success in your study. I will be waiting your next post.

  4. I think being a professor would be a great profession to have, but you know more than me. I agree with you that this list is whack. My profession was once listed in the top 5 in the US News and World Report best careers ranking and it’s nowhere on this list.

    Obstetrician/gyno is on this list?????? Do they realize how stressful and demanding that career is?? One of my close friends’ mom is an obstetrician and growing up she saw way more of her dad (who is a professor) than her mom.

    Lawyer is #18???? every successful lawyer works like 12 hour days and even some weekends.

    I have no clue what criteria they’re using but it sure doesn’t fit my definition of best jobs.

    1. From top 5 to not even top 50?! CNNMoney definition of best jobs is for highly demanded jobs which is not necessary to be the best jobs for others like we both agree. I think working more than 8 hours a day is a slavery.

  5. From top 5 to not even top 50?! CNNMoney definition of best jobs is for highly demanded jobs which is not necessary to be the best jobs for others like we both agree. I think working more than 8 hours a day is a slavery.
    Sorry… forgot to say great post – can’t wait to read your next one!

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