The hottest TV drama

flash_forward_promo_poster1I don’t watch TV drama series, not even Heroes, Lost, and Prison Break. These are the shows that people were talking about for the last couple of years. I lose interest in watching television series when I know there will be season 1, then season 2, then season 3, and so on. Beside, I don’t have the time or force myself to be home to watch TV at a particular day and time. But when a TV drama discusses how people react to certain events and when hulu.come grant me the privilege to watch TV series anytime I want, it got my attention. FlashForward is the new TV drama series that made me watching. The plot is that the entire population of earth blacked out; they all lost conscious for two minutes. Within these two minutes every one saw a glimpse of the future. What I like most about this promising series is the different reactions of people after they saw these two minutes into the future. Some believed that what they saw will happen and others chosen not to.

Apparently, those who saw something they liked in this short glimpse of their future, for obvious reason, continued with their daily routine because All of them believed what they saw will eventually happen. However, the others who saw bad incident or event reacted differently. Some chosen not to believe it and denied it will happen. Others, believed it will happen and fell victim to their obsession to know why this will happen to them. And some others, wanted very badly and worked hard to change their future.

The series will make you ponder about the future and destiny. Watch all episodes here.


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