The new facade of email scams

Unless you have never used the internet before you should have received one of the many Nigerians’ business proposal email scams. Recently, these business proposals are not from Nigeria anymore. Read the two emails that I received recently; one from Hong Kong and the other one from Scotland. It seems does exist but does not, the legitimate bank is

I am afraid because of the current economic crises, people’s greed for fast money will flourish this business proposal email scams. Therefore, expect to receive such emails once every week in the near future.

From: ZHANG (

I am Mr. Zhang Liu  i work with Bank of East Asia. I have a business of  $26.5million for you
contact me for details.
Zhang Liu.

From: Leith Fraser (

Good Day,
I am contacting you for a business transaction involving GBP £17,000,000 (Seventeen Million Pounds Sterling) hoping that you will contact me at your earliest convenient for a possible business deal. I am presently the External Auditor of Bank Of Scotland Plc, with your sincere assistant and co-operation, I am determined to work this deal with you if you can do the business. At the moment, I am constrained to issue more  details about this business until your positive response is received. Please take a moment of your time to read this  and send your response. I assure  you that this deal is worth taking and highly profitable.

Leith Fraser


2 thoughts on “The new facade of email scams

  1. I have been recieving ones i think from all over the world there wasn’t a single day that i opened my email and to find a bunch of them sitting in the junk box and the saddest thing that this email i use it only tio send my C.V or to participate in Job search sites

    1. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how careful one is not to use his email address any where hackers can find it as long as it is in the internet space.

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