Ya Arab, Congratulations!

On this unprecedented occasion, I would like to congratulate the Arab World for its marvelous achievement. We made it, at last. The 300 million Arab can take a day off, maybe a week why not, after all this hard work. Finally, an Arab university had made it to the top 500 universities. Although, it is in the 5th tier (402-501) but, hey, this is unheard of before. King Saud University in Saudi Arabia had made it to the list, congratulations.

This week, the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) published its 2009 list of the best 500 universities. The annual ranking, which is in its seventh year, began at Shanghai Jiao Tong University as an attempt to measure the performance of Chinese post-secondary education relative to the rest of the world. But according to The Economist, it’s since become “the most widely used annual ranking of the world’s research universities.” [Source]

The purpose of the table below is to give some perspective of the catastrophic scientific research level in the Arab. It is compared with countries that are much smaller. The Arab world consists of 25 countries that speak Arabic. These countries are in North Africa and in the Middle-east.

Population (million) Number of Universities in top 500 list
Denmark 5.5 4
Sweden 9.2 11
Switzerland 7.7 8
Finland 5.3 5
Netherlands 16.5 12
Israel 7.4 7
The Arab World 325 ONE

Countries as rich as the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia should stop their insanity with building tallest towers, they serve no purpose what so ever. Beside, such projects are mainly designed, built, and managed by non-Arab so what to be proud of? None of the countries in the table above, except of those two countries, even thought of building high rise building. Arabs don’t lack the intelligence it is very obvious when you see them excel at top American research institutes, universities, hospitals, and in many other different areas. They just need to be in the right place. Unfortunately, right now this “right place” is not in the Arab world. Rich Arab countries should start thinking seriously of the importance of scientific research. The Arab world should build and sponsor a state-of-the-art research institute that produces top Arab scientists. Without scientific research the Arab world will be behind for the next couple of centuries.


6 thoughts on “Ya Arab, Congratulations!

  1. Eventhough it’s great to see an arabic university to get some recognition but i don’t know should i be happy because it’s only one university and a new one actually, hope in the next years more follows

  2. Jarad,

    this is not the first time! See the old ones! u will see Cairo university showing be4! Besides there are many systems of rankings! Rankings are not important!

    Besides I feel happy when Malaysian universities there! They are our brothers after all! Arabs are a disgrace! Muslims are not!

  3. Ahmad, I am not happy with the fact that there is only one Arab university in this list. With the resources we have we should do much better.

    Haitham, You are right Cairo University was in the list in 2006 and 2007 but then why it dropped down? One should strive to improve not go back. I didn’t mention the Muslim countries because again they are not doing well. I would really like to see this region prosper as it should be.

  4. Do you know Jaraad I was thinking to write something regarding this, but I do not have time… Thank god you did.

    I would add this, that we do have great minds… and I believe that these minds are essential success factor for a lot of these advanced universities.

    Shame on us.

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