It is this time of the year again

Due to the missing of the following items I declare my Eid as not so happy Eid this year:

Open space Eid prayer

Shalat Idul Fitri

Arabic Coffee

arabic coffee



Mamool (almond cookies)


Eid Bakery (Aqraas Eid)

aqras eid

and of course my family.

simpsons_l Not my real family.

Happy Eid to you and

may Allah accept your good deeds.


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9 thoughts on “It is this time of the year again

  1. A late kul 3am wintabkhair

    Don’t worry dude you weren’t alone in the misery. Mine was spent studying and studying. I had no other choice really 😦

    1. assom,
      Kul 3am wa Anty bekhair too. Spending Eid with textbooks not with people is not cool at all. Textbooks don’t kiss and hug and they become boring after 30 minutes.

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