Children are the same, parents are not

I know discussion involving kids’ behavior is a very sensitive issue to parents. No parent likes to be told that his/her kid is misbehaving. One thing I noticed here in the US is that you don’t see kids everywhere and anytime as in the Arab world. In my neighborhood back in Jordan, during Summer, it is normal to see kids playing soccer in the middle of the street at 11pm or going out with family at 11:30pm.

Kids are never been the problem, they are two young to evaluate what is right and what is wrong. Therefore, the problem is their parents. Even if it is safe for kids to play outside their houses very late at night it still does not make sense to me.

Anyway, here is a sign that I found yesterday at one of the coffee shops. As you can see the punishment is for the parent not for the kid. I found it very funny and smart.

image image


14 thoughts on “Children are the same, parents are not

  1. If they use the same sign in an Arabic country, it wont be a punishment for any one but the family’s poor neighbors :S

    For the parents it will be like the say “اللي ببلاش كتّر منه ” :S

  2. Ahmad,
    Sad to say the “yel3an” or cursing attitude in front of kids is something common, unfortunately.

    That was very funny. I guess you are right the neighbors will be in trouble in this case.

  3. I saw this image once and laughed myself to tears.

    As a parent, I have learned that banding together with a bunch of like-minded parents creates a safety-net for the kids and a united front for us.

  4. Yea, it takes an army to raise a teen. 🙂

    Five year old minds propelled by out of control hormones in a 6ft body. They think they know it all, and are worse than a PMSing menopausal momma.

    Yes, it is like a war to keep them focused, on the right path, encouraged and not beaten down, AND NOT TELLING THE WHOLE WORLD ON FB their version of the latest parenting skirmish.

    Ya Lateef. U’baaaalak, ya Jaraad.

  5. Come on guys, you know that there’s no need to post such a sign in arab countries! arab parents always pay close attention to their children especially in public.

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