There is crush and there is admiration

I had few crushes before. So, I know how one feels when he has a crush. But recently there is this girl that I am not sure if it is a crush situation or just an admiration. What is the difference between having a crush on someone and admiring someone?

p.s. For some technical difficulties in life, love is not considered in this post because the author, foolishly, believes that love could be suppressed when it leads to a complex relationship.


8 thoughts on “There is crush and there is admiration

  1. Cute.

    I think they are intermingled, and unless the object of the is unattainable, both have the possibility of a long-term deal. Admiration is a good start to building a long-term relationship, maybe a crush could be more about a fantasy.

    Love, as a verb and not a noun, will sustain the complexities of relationship.

    1. For some reason I thought “crush” comes after or a stronger feeling than “admiration” but hey what a 36 single man knows about relationships.
      Regarding the statement “Love, as a verb and not a noun, will sustain the complexities of relationship.” I never heard or read this statement before. If you are the first person to put these words together to compose this statement, I think you should copy right it (as scientists patent their inventions). Now, although this statement sounds/looks/feels very beautiful it may cause some distress in the relationship, after complexities resurface by time. But then even relationships that start with no complexity what so ever may end up downhill.
      One of the best thing I heard about relationship complexities is from a male friend, he said “I wish there is a an instruction manual for relationships.”

  2. Ok I’m not an expert, as I always say I’m an old fashion girl, who believe in Love after marriage :S

    I want to comment on the manual thing
    I think if there is such a manual, the spontaneously – which is for me the most cute thing in a relationships- will be lost ,and alot of meanings and feelings will be lost too

    Inshallah all your ” technical difficulties in life” will be solved, w nefra7 feek 3an 2areeb 😀

    1. whisper,
      Yes, you are right being spontaneous is very important in relationships. Experiencing new good things in life is always a joy. For the end of my “technical difficulties in life” to get married Ameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen to that.

  3. Kinzi makes a good point (as usual :)) to ask whether she is unattainable, if she is then stop dwelling on it.

    Admiration to me has the connotation of respect, whereas a crush has the connotation of lust or desire. We admire many many people, those we meet, those who we hear of and of course historical figures. Now the reason I think love grows after marriage is through shared experiences, but we can have shared experiences with people we are not married to, and if you are both single and you admire her it may grow into love, if you are also attracted to her. Here I am using the english meaning of love, in arabic we often say we love someone when we mean we admire them e.g. shoo ba7ib Tareq Sweidan.

    So, the question is, what are you going to do about it? 😉

    1. I wish you wrote this earlier. To answer your question I did nothing, as usual, and the girl moved to another city for good. Anyway, thanks for the insight.

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