The Midwest this year 2010, according to the meteorologists, received an arctic weather. For the past two weeks the temperature in my city was around –20 degree Celsius. I have not written any thing in my blog during this brutal weather because as you all may know grasshoppers (or Jaraad in Arabic) do not function well in the winter season, they actually die.


Warning: The pictures below might not be suitable for green and/or blue lovers.


DSC00514 DSC00517  
DSC00516 DSC00508  
DSC00512 DSC00507

Winter in the Midwest 2010


See other more beautiful colors:


Green & Blue


6 thoughts on “White

    1. The good thing about the snow here is that since the streets are clean you will not see that dirty snow we see sometimes in Jordan. Thanks for dropping by.

  1. Thanks for the glimpse of home, Jaraad. I miss snow and crisp cold…my name should be polar bear.

    Get some of those finger-less gloves and you can still blog and keep your hands warm!

    1. Although, I am not a very big fan of the snow but I have to admit the view of the smooth white plane land is stunning. And since the snow covers the dirt on the land, ones get the cleanest breath of fresh air ever.

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