Learn how to be successful in 3 minutes

The 8-traits that lead to great success

Watch this 3 minutes brilliant video to learn about  the 8 secrets of success.


6 thoughts on “Learn how to be successful in 3 minutes

  1. When u do not discover YOUR way of success in life, no body can teach u how to success! Yet learning how to start looking for YOUR way in life can be, more or less, learned!

  2. Rula,
    I did like it so much as well. I found that the presenter has a book about this subject and I already order it from Amazon.

    I am not sure I agree with what you said. We need to learn from other people’s experiences. A person is called an expert on a subject because he/she practiced again and again doing what he/she does for many years. Hence, advice from experts should be valued and taken into consideration. Finding our own way of success is not something easily discovered.

    1. “Finding our own way of success is not something easily discovered”

      This is why success is scarce, that is when u consider the true success! Anyways, this is just a matter of personal opinions!

  3. Great video, yes you can learn his secrets in 3 minutes, but you need a long time or a life time to apply it. Successes does not come easy

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