#top50JO – Spread the love messages about Jordan

While I was, and still, busy writing a research paper to be submitted for publications. Jordanians and others living in and outside Jordan were bombarding twitter (#top50JO) with their love messages about Jordan. You can’t imagine how feel-good this thing is to expatriate Jordanians. I lived outside Jordan more than I lived in Jordan but my love for it is endless. If for anything it is because of its people, from all origins.

Since I don’t want to be missing the momentum of this lovely message about Jordan I wanted to share with you my beautiful memories about Jordan; what I miss and what I like. #top50JO is one of the best creative ideas that appeared on the Jordanian blogosphere. I liked it for two reasons. 1) I like when Jordanians are positive and, 2) I like when Jordanians talk about Jordan the country not just Amman the city which, unfortunately, is common among people living in Amman.

I don’t live in Jordan now but Insh’Allah I shall return to my beloved home country soon. Here are some of the things I miss and like about Jordan in no particular order:

1. The masculine Jordanian accent.

2. How far Jordanians can go to help you.

3. Irbid city and its surrounding villages during spring.

4. Jordan’s history – Petra, Jerash, Um Qais, and the many other places. Whenever I visit any of these places I get goose bumps. The idea that many empires and prophets lived, temporary or permanently, in Jordan is magical.

5. Amman during the night.

6. “Madafat” – Those big tribal host places or the only men’s club where people mingle. Over there no topic is off limit even the king. These places are for social events, political disputes and political analyses, rumors creation, reconciliation, and many others.

7. Arabic coffee – Not just its taste but the protocols that accompany the drinking of this sugarless heavenly drink.

8. Sitting and listening to old people, men and women – Their “swaleef”, or stories, are really fun to listen to.

9. The fact that Jordanians put their disputes on hold, and very often they even reconcile, when it comes to giving condolences to the person they are in dispute with.

10. The fact that people in my neighborhood (about 1 km radius) know my first and last name and know who are my parents.


6 thoughts on “#top50JO – Spread the love messages about Jordan

  1. I agree on number 8.
    Sitting and listening to old people, men and women – Their “swaleef”, or stories, are really fun to listen to.
    You learn a lot from their stories 🙂

  2. i used to live in the uae which is an arab country so am not that far from jordan but when ever i hear some one speaks any word in our way i just freeze and try to listen without being rude 🙂
    i like how the mountins are really green in spring ,white when it snow and the brown color in summer, how we jordanian just wait any ray of sun in winter to go hash o nash or any where out!

    1. Diana,
      You are right living in a place that has four seasons during the year is a pleasant thing; it is very beautiful to watch the change that happens to the trees, mountains and also people.
      And hash-o-nash (BBQ) in Jordan is the best 🙂
      Thanks for your comment.

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