Jus soli and on being an alien (1/2)

Foreigners, or aliens as some of us are called,  in the United States, or just this Midwest State, are issued a one year only driving license. This new regulation started couple of years ago only. It is very annoying to renew the driving license every year. For international F-1 students, we need to show or provide the following documents:

  1. Passport,
  2. I-20,
  3. I-94,
  4. Visa ,
  5. Certification of enrollment,
  6. Social Security Number,
  7. Proof of Residence (such as a utility bill), and
  8. $10.

Yesterday after getting all the documents ready I went to the Driver’s License Office. Luckily, no one mentioned that my visa is expired. Yet, I still didn’t receive my driving license it takes a week  in process. So, I hope things will go fine. I can understand that I need a valid I-20 but why I need a visa to get a driving license?

Anyway, this is not the main topic of this and the coming post. Last week, I went to the International Center on campus to collect my certification of enrollment. When I proof read it while I was there I found that they, mistakenly, wrote “Please know that ___________________, a citizen of Kuwait, …”. I told them that I was born in Kuwait but I am a citizen of Jordan. The nice new lady that works there thought that since I was born in Kuwait my citizenship should be Kuwaiti. Nope!

to be continued …


7 thoughts on “Jus soli and on being an alien (1/2)

  1. I think you and all the Arabs with good manners, will change this western view for Arabs by time, I know it’s a difficult job and you are / will face a lot of bad attitude from people around you, God be with u all there 🙂

  2. i can understand why they want to do a yearly renewable visa/residence but why the driving license…….it’s not like you can use your driving license for anything apart from driving Americans will never cease to amaze me

    1. Driving license is a state issue ID, you can travel within the USA using any airport; open bank account, get a credit card etc.., I am a US citizen and I have to renew it every 4 years, when I was a green card holder the state issued me DL for 10 years, that mean there is rules and regulations for the validity of DL, I do not think it is targeting any Foreigners, or aliens we are equal under one nation,this is just my opinion 🙂

  3. Whisper – Thanks! There are Millions of Muslims in the US. But as long as some lunatic Muslims (i.e., Al-Qaeda) and some prejudice media continue doing what they do nothing will change.

    Rula – Thank you!

    Melicieuse – There were many new regulations, policies, and laws after September 11, 2001 regarding immigration, studying, workings, traveling, etc. The good thing is that when the US finds that a new regulation or policy is not working or solving a problem they change it. I am going to talk about this in my next post. But in general, these new policies are not helping foreigners any way.

    Tele – “I do not think it is targeting any Foreigners”. No one mentioned that these regulations are targeting any group. When I came to the US I got a 5 or 6 years valid driving license but this is a new regulation that DL are valid for one year only and it sucks to renew it every year believe me.

  4. ironically the people they are trying to “catch” with these regulations all have at least dual citizenship (that’s if they don’t have 3 nationalities) and all these regulations don’t affect them so really all this money they are spending on implementing these new regulations can probably help fixing one of the many US messes they have internally

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