A survival lesson from a toad

This poor postage stamp-size waterfall toad doesn’t have teeth to show but he for sure is a hero. Unlike the sometimes commonly used idiom “show your teeth” to indicate readiness to face and conquer one’s troubles, this toad teaches us heroism in a different way. He showed his teeth when he took a last second [suicidal] decision, like no other. The narrator, Oprah Winfrey, asked “is this suicide?”  Sometimes taking a decision, when we don’t know the consequences of this decision, is the bravest thing to do. Believe it or not I wanted to hug and kiss this toad. But I smiled, laughed, and watched the clip again and again. I am so watching this Life 11-part series.

Click on the picture to watch on YouTube:


Standing ovation for this toad!

Update 1: Melicieuse informed me that the video doesn’t work outside USA. Sorry for that.

Update 2: Whisper found another link to the video. It seems this one works in Jordan. The narrator in the video is British not American .


8 thoughts on “A survival lesson from a toad

  1. can’t watch the clip 😦 it is protected for copyright reasons….so only people in the US can see it….any alternatives?
    not knowing the consequences and still leaping is not suicide it’s biting the bullet/seizing the moment, suicide you always know the consequence (usually death)

    1. melicieuse, could you please click on the picture and see if you can watch the clip directly from YouTube. You should be able to see, it is actually from BBC Earth. About the suicide thing you are right that is why I wrote suicide between brackets. It may be more of a suicidal attempt 🙂

  2. ah yup tried that too and I get the same message
    This video contains content from Discovery Communications, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.
    it’s OK I’ll just imagine the slimy green hopper leaping for it’s life so choosing the worst of 2 evils

      1. Whisper, I updated the post with your link. I tried to find another link but couldn’t find the British version. Thank you!
        melicieuse, I watched the video many times.

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