Lessons from people’s stories

When you just feel you hit rock bottom you hear a stranger’s struggle with a fatal or chronic disease, you thank God, stop whining and continue with your life.

In a not very related story this amazing video shows how obsession can sometimes be fatal. Many times we are obsessed or addicted to doing things that eventually will bring no good to us. We know this fact but why we keep doing what we know will not help us or harm us amazes me. The video has many metaphors, everyone can relate differently.


2 thoughts on “Lessons from people’s stories

  1. We all have this “habits” we do, some times we get used to it, maybe it comfort us and maybe it is a way to release us

    It is nothing for us and for others but it becomes a thing we need to do

    1. You are right we get used doing these bad habits and after a while a bad habit becomes something that we can’t get rid of.

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