Think green – From inelegant plastic bags to stylish tote

Chapter II – Businesses recycle individuals reuse

By now, everyone has some knowledge about the danger of using plastic bags. You may have read or watched a show about how plastic bags take 500 or 1000 years to decompose or biodegrade. You may know, or not, that these plastic bags end up in the ocean or somewhere in the wild. We produce and use so many of these bags we don’t know where to dump them anymore. The earth reached a catastrophic level now, partly, because of these plastic bags. Under the sea creatures and over ground birds and animals are dying because of them.

I still remember the day when my family was preparing to leave our small apartment in Kuwait in 1988 to resettle in Jordan. Before leaving, my mother cleaned our empty apartment in such a way that no one could ever tell a family had lived in this apartment for about 16 years. She scrubbed floors, washed windows and did everything possible to make the apartment as new and clean as possible. My mother didn’t clean the apartment to get back the deposit since there was no such thing at that time. I was 15 years old back then and so it didn’t make sense to me why she had to clean the apartment since we are not living there anymore. It was the logic of a young boy who thinks for the moment only. So, I remember that I asked her why she did all that cleaning. Her answer was “if we don’t clean the apartment the new tenants will talk about us.” It didn’t matter to her that we are leaving to a new country and the new stranger tenants don’t actually know us. But from her perspective she wanted to make sure that the new tenants are satisfied and happy with the cleanness of the apartment.

I know I learned a lesson from my mother that I need to take care of things that others will use later on. Since we don’t know when the last day of life is, let us not treat the earth as we are the last people to live on it. Our children, grandchildren and may be many more generations to come will live on this earth and they themselves want a share of what the earth can offer. Be thoughtful and considerate to the next generation. Let them think of you as a hero, as someone who worked hard to save them the trouble rather than the greedy bear that ate the whole pie.

Since we should always start with ourselves before telling people what to do here are some few things I already started doing as my part of saving our beloved earth.

DSC00538 In the office, I asked everyone to use the back side of printed papers. These papers could be printed on again or used as scratch papers.
I wash coffee cups I buy from different coffee shops and reuse them for one more time when I make my own coffee at home or in the office. DSC00406
DSC00551 I reuse Alfredo sauce jar as a cookie jar.
DSC00405 DSC00403
And finally my favorite shopping totes. The red one is cold and hot temperature keeper. and this one is a more modern tote than the very colorful one my grandmother used to use. Although, may not be as durable as hers.

6 thoughts on “Think green – From inelegant plastic bags to stylish tote

  1. Reading the post I remembered two proverbs;
    ,,إعمل خير وإرمي بالبحر
    ..زرعوا فأكلنا ونزرع فيأكلون
    I liked the cookie jar idea the most.. I’ll buy some yummy yummy cookies and store them in the jar xD
    That can be very handy especially in summer when our nephews and nieces come over and want some afternoon treats 🙂

    1. I liked this “زرعوا فأكلنا ونزرع فيأكلون” it is what this post is about. I am glad you liked the cookie jar idea 🙂

  2. You are absolutely right most of the plastics ends up in the ocean, a friend of mine post this video in her FB page

    It is really sad how much we harm the earth, we need a change in human behavior if we want to save the earth and our selves. I am so happy that people are doing this you are a great example of that..:)

    1. Thanks for the video it is really very scary how all our trash ends up in the ocean. Thanks for the compliment. We can’t just tell people what to do we need to be an example for our kids. They do what we do and refrain from what we don’t do.

  3. Sadly, many people don’t think in that thoughtful way

    I wish if they at least start throw their trash in the dustbin,or if the government but some bins for recycling trash

    These days when you go to a trip,It is hard to find a clean spot to sit at 😦

    Thanks for the tips, I’ll try to apply them at my work inshallah

    1. Glad you liked the tips. I am sure everyone can find something that we do at work which can be done in a more efficient way. And oh trashing in the parks is one of the worst things. I don’t know why people do that.

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