Imagine how your day would have been today if you didn’t daydream. Stop reading now, ok not now just wait till you finish this sentence, and ponder for a minute wasn’t your daydream a way for you to escape the boring job, task, or even study? What was your daydream about? Did you go somewhere far, far away or did you get money from the sky, or were you with someone you will never be with in real life?

Daydreams are like elixir of life, they are what make us sustain the cruelty of life and what keep us going. You may be financially well off but not so much with your health. Or maybe you are healthy but in debt. Or maybe you are healthy and financially well off but you live away from whom you love or maybe you can’t have children. Everyone poor or rich has his own problems. You see some of the richest and the most beautiful people in Hollywood end their lives intentionally or unintentionally by abusing drugs to escape, according to what they believe even though the live in mansions, the hardship of life. Like it or not life is difficult. Almost all religions assure its followers of this fact. Allah says in Sura Al-balad verse 4 “Verily We have created man into toil and struggle” or in another translation “Certainly We have created man to be in distress.” [لقد خلقنا الانسان في كبد]

Life is not in our control and it will never be. It is a message from Allah to show us who is in charge. But he gave us something that we can control he gave us the ability to dream. We as human were encouraged to dream and told to follow our dreams. And for this reason we dream and dream and dream some more until dreaming became something wired in our brains. Did you ever think how many times you daydream? I guess not because it became a habit we adapted since we were kids. We dream while we are waiting, driving, reading novels, in classes, in meetings, and during almost any other activity and anywhere. It is to this level how much we are addicted to dreaming. We dream for good things to happen, or to be in a different place, or to be with someone special, or to succeed in what we do, or even sometimes to be heroes. I always daydream that I bravely stood up in front of a bank robber with his gun pointed to my head and persuaded him to hand me his gun to save the other hostages. In another scenario I dream I manage to fight the bank robber with my bare hands and take his gun which I use to kill him. Dreams are sometimes the opposite of who we are. Apparently, these daydreams to be a hero are opposite to who I am in reality. I once closed my eyes when my father, very long time ago, wanted to teach me how to slaughter a chicken. I couldn’t watch a chicken been slaughtered. Yet, I dream that one day I will kill a bank robber and save the bank hostages. Dreams give us the chance to be who we are not.

Dreams are very good and they are what make us excel in this life. They may even nurture our lives. Without dreams we will go nowhere. I read one time about an American who was POW during the Korean War. He was in prison for years. Finally, after he got his freedom he continued what he used to love most, playing golf. People who know him were amazed about his level of skill in playing Golf. He has been in prison for years yet he plays like he never missed a day. When asked he said “I used to play golf in my mind every day.” Every day he used to imagine himself playing golf, recording points in his head, aiming to the holes, and eventually win.

Dreams fly you where ever you want to be and make you whatever you are eager for. The question is how many of these dreams can we truly live?


7 thoughts on “Daydreams

  1. I have to be honest and say that I didn`t daydream till I finished reading – not when I reached the 1st sentence :).

    Gr8 post, really.

    We are so consumed in the daily life hasseles that we forgot the beauty of it and what`s really important, daydream is a “tool” to reflect on things and a sweet get-away mechanism :).


  2. You are absolutely right, almost all of us are daydreamers, and there is nothing better than a daydream, since it will put us in a place or situation we love to be in, the better thing than a day daydream is to achieve your daydreams if it is achievable …)

  3. I never thought that daydreaming about something could improve our skills in it… I will start having more practical daydreams from now on!

    1. Of course we should not dwell in our daydreams. But everything in moderation is good. For me daydreams help me release the stress and tension of grad school 🙂

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