The 2010 Chancellor’s Excellence Award

Being a graduate student and the president of the Muslim Students’ Organization (MSO), in my university, I was nominated for the 2010 Chancellor’s Excellence Award – Graduate Student Leader. My university has 30,000 students with 100s of different organizations. Nevertheless, I won the Graduate Student Leader Award.

I am very happy for receiving this award. I received a plague and a personal letter from the chancellor. The letter is really very impressive. It is the first time that the MSO receives such a recognition in our university. Here are some excerpts from the Chancellor’s letter:

… As you are aware, these awards recognize excellence in leadership, multiculturalism and involvement on the ——– campus. Receiving this award exemplifies your leadership, advocacy and commitment to the ——- community while representing the university’s core values of Respect, Responsibility, Discovery and Excellence.

… Please know that being nominated by your peers and receiving an award for your leadership and efforts on the ——— Campus is a high honor, and you are regarded as one of  ———’s finest.


It is really true what has been said that you get or receive things when you least expected. It started last year when some Muslim students nominated me to be the president of the MSO, even though I was not looking to be even on the board. Alhamdulilah (Thanks to Allah) I and the MSO exec board did very good job in organizing many events and activities on campus. And for that we received this recognition. It is good to know that your effort is appreciated.


6 thoughts on “The 2010 Chancellor’s Excellence Award

  1. Congratulation , I’m sure u deserve it 😀

    Winning such award means that you reflect a positive image of Islam and Muslims

    الله يجزيك كل الخير

    1. واياكم وشكرا على التهنئه
      نسأل الله ان يتقبل اعمالنا الصالحه ويجعلها في ميزان حسناتنا

    1. شكرا هيثم. نعم الأصعب ان يحافظ الانسان على ما حصل عليه. ان شاءالله يكون هذا حافز لي لعمل الأفضل

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