“My name is Amy Walker, I am 25 years old” in 21 accents

One time during a communication class I was in our instructor started speaking slowly and extended her vowels more than usual. She then said this is how I speak in my home town, Texas. Her Texan accent was very sexy, I liked it a lot. It was way better than her adopted new Midwest accent that I am used to. Her Texan accent was different and we humans always like what we don’t have or what is unusual.  I consider British English a heavenly-like accent but I don’t think British feel about their accent the same as non-British.

Watch this talented actress say “My name is Amy Walker, I am 25 years old and I was born in ____________” in 21 accents. Imagine how amusing it would be if she can speak in different accent every day. One day she speaks British English another day she speaks Scottish English and in another day she speaks American English. Enjoy the video:


18 thoughts on ““My name is Amy Walker, I am 25 years old” in 21 accents

    1. Me too, being able to master couple of accents would be really great. I liked her Australian, I didn’t know it was that bad.

    1. Seven accents? Are you serious? If so then it is amazing. You should do your own youtube version 🙂

  1. Actually, her American ones were as bad, if not worse, than her Australian ones… The Southern ones were particularly abyssmal. The last one was a pretty good character-shot of an old-timey actress. With the American accents, it’s something strange that she does with her mouth that makes the vowels off. But, it is fun.

    I’m from the Deep South (US) and while I can do passable accents in foreign languages, I can’t do English speaking accents to save my life… How funny is that? It’s probably because I trained myself out of the deep Southern accent at 6 years old (like your professor) and am usually confused in the US as being from the midewest…

    1. I can’t say I can differentiate between American accents but I knew her Southern accent didn’t sound as lovely as a Southern accent should be. I once lived in a very small town in MO (pop. 15,000 ) my friends used to ask me to go with them when they want to go to the mechanic. His accent was the most difficult American accent to comprehend. But I was proud that I can understand most of his conversation. Watching gazillion Hollywood movies, before coming to the US, paid off after all 🙂

  2. Interesting… but I think most of the accents she does are the ones people learn in acting classes. Her American ones are truly awful. I didn’t even realize some of them were supposed to be American until she said where she was ‘from” lol

    That “valley girl” California accent is really obsolete. That went out in the 1970s/1980s. The valley girls all moved to Arizona, Texas and Seattle. The only California accent we have now is the one you see most News Anchors using. The entertainment industry accent. Just about anyone who you see on American television could pass as a native Californian. That seems to be the accent people learn to speak American English with in foreign countries, too, from what I’ve seen and heard.

    1. Wow! I didn’t expect that she is that bad with American accents. Her video has almost 3 million hit. But I think most probably from people whose English is their second language, like myself 🙂 Thanks for the info about the news anchors’ accent. I didn’t know that American television adopted California accent.

  3. I think the American accents were pretty good (although Seattle doesn’t have much of a distinctive accent, and I wish she had done Boston).

    The foreign ones were a little shaky IMO (German, French especially).

  4. I thought she did fine given the breadth of her attempts.
    I’m a native Bostonian (USA) but well traveled in US and in Europe. I didn’t think her California accent was too “valley girl” I thought it was fine/normal general English sounding. I thought the “Seattle” accent sounded like a good general American accent (I couldn’t place it as in any region…so many from Seattle are transplants anyway). The southern accents were off. But remember, she’s trying to shift and the phrases are short. I am sure if she had to speak at length in any one one accent it might be better. I think what she did is harder.
    I live in the UK (Kent) for a year and for the life of me I never was able to put on any kind of English accent. I got the intonation pattern (the “lilt”, the music of it), but cannot do the accent. It’s maddening.
    Kudo’s to her…she’s brave to put it out there.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I love that the world has so much accents. Still, I hope I can master the English accent I love it 🙂

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