Prostitution in Jordan

A BBC-Arabic reporter videoed a conversation between himself and a Jordanian prostitute. The video is in Arabic. I tried to write the script of this conversation and translate it. The English translation is not funny as it is in the Jordanian slang. This type of conversation and  business transaction is something new to me. [Article and video in Arabic]

M: Hello
W: So, do you want to go?
M: How much is sleeping over or what is your system?
W: Two hours for 25. There is a Syrian and a … (Inaudible)
M: Two hours for 25 dinars? How much are you?
W: All are the same
M: Where are you from? What’s your name?
W: Amal. From here
M: Is the house safe?
W: Yes man I have the key … (Inaudible). So?
M: How about 20?
W: No problem, but you have to compensate … (Inaudible)
M: I will
W: No problem now … (Inaudible)

هلأ شو بدك تروح؟

قديش المبيت أو الدخله أو شو النظام عندك؟

الساعتين بـ 25. في وحده سوريه وفي وحده … (غير مسموع)ـ

الساعتين بـ 25 دينار؟ انت قديش؟

كله نفس الاشي.ـ

انت من وين؟ شو اسمك؟

أمل. من هين.ـ

طيب البيت… يعني آمن؟

آمن يا زلمه هاي مفتاح البيت معانا … (غير مسموع) شو؟

طيب 20؟

مش مشكله بس بتعوضنا ياهم … (غير مسموع)ـ

بعوضك اياهم.ـ

مش مشكله هسا … (غير مسموع)ـ

The conversation itself is funny but the fact that some women sell their bodies as a way of living is disgusting. Prostitution is one of the oldest jobs on earth and it seems it will stay for many years to come. As long as their is a demand from men their will always be a supply. Supporters of of moral decay educated us via movies, newspapers articles, and novels that men like prostitutes because they do things their wives don’t do on bed or because they are embarrassed to ask the mother of their kids to do thing in a different way. As if they are trying to find an excuse for their immorality. But in reality, men who pay for sex are simply low. Not to make men the pure evil on earth, there are female prostitutes who are not forced into this business but they are in it for the love of extra money.


16 thoughts on “Prostitution in Jordan

  1. Do u know….. the bad thing, that they don’t distinguish those women from decent women , some times when I or one of my friends /relatives walk down the street, sick men who search for these women starts to horn and some times park the car, having the impression that we are one of those stupid women.
    Even my cousin who wear “neqab” exposed to many of these harassments.

    I found the video very scary 😦

    1. Yes.. Sadly that is true.. My cousin wears Hijab and she always gets that.. People park in the middle of the street and say.. How much do you charge? While I don’t wear Hijab and I haven’t face that situation ever Hamdulilah..
      People just have sick minds :S

  2. I’m glad I didn’t comment first, whisper and Rula are right. I also get this ALL the time. It makes me want to SLAP somebody.

    In fact, I have started walking with my keys laced between my fingers (even in daytime) and I just might KEY the next car driven by a man who asks me how much I cost. For the love of Allah, I am old enough to be their mother (or daughter!)

    Police shrug their shoulders, and the perps get away quick.

    Jaraad, please come back to Jordan and encourage behavior and mindsets like yours.

  3. Girls, asking a girl how much she charges for an hour or a night is nothing compared to those who drive by girl schools, with their pants down and pretend to be asking a girl for directions so when she gets closer to try to help, she sees him undressed, it’s disgusting, it happened to my sister and to lots of my class mates when we were little, these guys are all over Shmeisani. It’s disgusting and you can’t call the cops because by the time the arrive the perv would have reached El Mafrag 😦
    Jaraad, your recent posts are depressing dude we need a happy post.

    1. Rand, that is hands down sick, it is a form of sexual abuse. Schools should have police escorts for girls where this is happening.

      I have had guys in cars park next to me at the stoplight wave to get my attention (like as if my door wasn’t shut properly) then expose themselves. One guy was leaving his used condoms draped over my driveway gate.

      For the post part, I just live as if men don’t exist here, I ignore them. I trust the men I know from church, my husband’s friends, landlord, some I have worked with, but that is it.

      1. Kinzi,
        It brings sadness to me hearing these stories. When I left Jordan in 2002 it was common for the guys of the neighborhood (Shabab el hara) to stop any car that drives by the same street twice or more. Because it was suspected that the driver is after a girl in this neighborhood (hara ). The young guys would block the car and question the driver about his intention in driving in this neighborhood if he could not find an alibi (anyone who he could visit or have business with) in this street he would be beaten up. Saying he lost his way never saved those drivers from being beaten.
        I believe it is time for the Jordanian government to enforce some stricter laws regarding sex offenders. It is no longer an innocent flirting behavior.

  4. Rula,
    It doesn’t matter for those sick men if a woman wears hijab or not. I am really feeling very upset reading that women in Jordan are asked on the street “How much do you charge?” I used the word “funny” when I talked about the conversation in the video because I was not aware that such thing becomes common in Jordan. Now, knowing that this question could be asked for any girl, lady, or woman on the streets makes me feel angry. What is going on over there?

    Police shrug their shoulders? Hmmm. So if they don’t think a sex offender needs to be chased and apprehended who is a double parking driver?
    I am coming back with a big shipment of pepper spray. Hearing these stories from you, Whisper, Rula and Rand I believe every female in Jordan should start carrying a pepper spray in her purse all the time. It is even more effective than the key trick you are using. Such act of indecency is repeated again and again because those men are not afraid. And in a conservative country like Jordan were men believe it is their duty to protect their female relatives they are to be blamed for not stopping those sick men. I am very confident that Jordanian men still have cavalier characters or manhood to do something about it but maybe as I was before reading these comments not aware of such thing. Who would thought that we have flashers in Jordan. I never imagined that to happen in Jordan.

    I am speechless. How come flashers exist in one of the most conservative countries? This is awful. Schools managers, teachers, and parents should be informed about such thing and by all means stop those sick men. The law in the US regarding men seeking young girls is very firm. They call them sex offenders or predators and after they serve their jail time their hell starts since pictures of them with their names are posted on the police website. People can easily know if their new neighbor is a sex offender and if so the entire neighborhood will stand up against him until he leaves the neighborhood. Sex offenders usually end up staying together in one apartment away from families.
    The depressing posts are due to many things but one important thing is the cloudy weather. For the past three weeks the weather here is rainy, cloudy, and no sun 😦 I need me some sun ray.

  5. As part of my work I attended a training cession for sex workers in Zarqa! it was eye opening. a ) since there is an organization that works with them and know who they are, then the police IF THEY WANTED could get a hold of them. b) they look in most cases like women who men would run from and not to!! older, overweight and definitely not well dressed. I’m sure there are other types. but how sick can we get?
    c) a lot of cases are forced into the job and were molested as children.

    So were is the government in first protecting children ? and where are hey in stopping this ?

    1. Tamara,
      Thanks for your comment, this is new to me. I never knew that we have such training sessions. The problem is that such issue if not dealt with will lead to creating more problems; sex trafficking, drugs abuse, abortions, tourism prostitution, infants left on streets, physical abuse, etc. I am sure because of your work you hear many horrible stories.

  6. kid on the block here.i was on the idea of shipping pper spray a few months ago but then the embassy(i’m a foreigner) told me it’s illegal in jordan to own a pepper spray.seriously?anyone can verify this story?

    1. I don’t think pepper sprays will do more harm than kitchen knives so why it is illegal to sell them. I think they are useful to protect one’s self if used properly. I don’t know the reason behind banning them in Jordan.

      1. jaraad sir, if the allegation is true it wouldn’t be the first thing that doesn’t make sense with authorities,wouldn’t it?still, i need someone to verify it.

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