Morning Breeze

Summer started and that means beautiful sunny days. Today morning, I decided to walk in the neighborhood. It is Sunday, so the streets are empty. Here are some pictures I took during my one hour walk.

image image
Every homeowner should mow the grass in front of his house or he will be fined
All sidewalks are built to accommodate people on wheelchairs, mothers with strollers, and kids riding bicycles
These squirrels are everywhere here.
image This type of birds is called Robin bird
image image
image image
image image
image image
image image
I live up there

7 thoughts on “Morning Breeze

  1. E7em ,,, when can I come to visit? 😉 ;);)

    *If u answer positively; the tkts r on u ! Be ware 😀


  2. Mashallah….what a pleasant walk you had 🙂

    Here in Jordan, people let the plants go in the direction it wants, and some times it may hit the sidewalk, 2asasan no need for the sidewalk 😀

    Some thing else …..why the green we have here in Jordan is dusty green ??? we don’t have this springy green 😦

    1. Actually, these pictures are taken from my cell phone so the pictures are way less beautiful than reality. Trees and grass here are not greenish they are purely chlorophyll GREEN. And the main reason for their beautiful color is that they get enough water. Here in the Midwest we have rain all year round.

  3. awww! I LIKE!
    Kinda envying you! but…
    Currently, I am satisfied with this cold dawn (after a VERY HOT NIGHT) hearing the real birds’ tweets and this green view I can see in our garden!

    One of my best songs says: “I believe the grass is no more greener on the other side!”
    Well, apparently it is! but I guess there’s some other meaning hiding beyond these words!


    1. Ayah,
      Welcome to my blog!
      Yes, it is greener here but it doesn’t mean it is better. It is what you feel not what you see 🙂
      Happiness is within us not on the other side of the road because there will always be other side.

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