Photocopiers know more than they should

For a photocopier to be able to make copies of a document it needs to scan the original document stores it then start making copies. My assumption was that photocopiers store the scanned original document in a short term memory, I was wrong. Since 2002, digital photocopiers store a copy of the original document in a hard drive not memory (according to the video). Why? I don’t know. I always thought photocopiers don’t store any data permanently but since they use hard drives then they can store as much data as possible. Watch this interesting video to see the risk behind such technology specially for companies dealing with sensitive data. 



6 thoughts on “Photocopiers know more than they should

  1. This is the first time I hear this info, and I have asked all those who work with me who have a familiarity with the subject they also don’t have any prior knowledge about it..

    Thanks for sharing this SHOCKING video with us 🙂

    1. It seems only few people knew about this issue and that is why they made this report. Imagine all the information any banks’ photocopier has. If someone can get the hard drive he can know all the customer names, addresses, social security numbers, bank accounts, etc.

  2. Now that is something new!
    It is one of the ways that employers use to monitor their employees,, So to be safe do work stuff in work and leave the other things till you get home..

    1. I am sure employers don’t know about this but now I think they will be happy to know.
      And employees will learn now not to use the company’s photocopier for they own business 🙂

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