My life in world cup time

For football (called soccer in USA) fans, USA is not the place to watch world cup. I am not a big fan of this game but I like and enjoy watching a good game. Americans actually mock and make fun of this game. And it is the least favorite among Americans after American football, Baseball, and Basketball. You may see kids play soccer but rarely you see 20 or 30 something play this game.

Below is a chronological list of world cup during my life. My age in world cup years is only 10!





1974 Kuwait I was one year old.
1978 Kuwait I was 5 years old so most probably I was put to sleep before the games start so I don’t disturb people watching the game in our house.
1982 Kuwait Strangely, I have a vivid memory of this one since Kuwait was participating for the first time and the whole country was on adrenaline. Free air tickets were given to Kuwaitis who wanted to go to Spain to watch their team.
1986 Kuwait One of my favorite world cups. I don’t know why but I enjoyed watching the games and three Arab countries were in this world cup.
1990 Jordan Studying for Tawjihi (general secondary examination).
1994 Jordan Senior year in college.
1998 Malaysia Working on my master’s thesis. I watched 2/3 of the games alone because they were aired after 3 am.
2002 USA Second MS thesis. Watched Germany vs. Saudi Arabia game (8-0) in a room full of Saudi students. It was a memorable day.
2006 USA Working on my PhD. Missed watching many of the games due to work.
2010 USA Will be teaching a summer class while working on my PhD dissertation.
2014 ? ???

6 thoughts on “My life in world cup time

    1. My intention wasn’t to make this post a sad one 🙂 But now as I am thinking about it, being away from home is a sad thing indeed.

  1. 7yatak sa3eedeh!
    bla phd bla btee5! Watch the world cup! and buy teams’ t-shirts, this will help much!
    I’m loving this world cup! especially when Brazil won yesterday! ma3 eno nja7 fashil!
    Just blogged about World Cup! Feel free to read it! 🙂

    1. Ahlan Ayah,
      Luckily, I manged to watch most of the matches. Germany’s match was my favorite. They really played very well.

    1. Yah, I am trying to break a record 🙂
      When I came here I told everyone I will be done in three years only.

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