Four tomato sauce cans and a laptop

While exhausting my laptop today running many simulation experiments I noticed it became slower than usual. The fan was working but for some reason it got extremely hot from the bottom. Since I don’t have a laptop fan pad, and I needed to solve the heating problem, I figured out of something to raise the laptop and make some circulation from beneath. It might look stupid but hey it solved the heating problem. I have to buy one of those fan pads soon before I decide to cook pasta.



6 thoughts on “Four tomato sauce cans and a laptop

  1. 🙂, loool
    Creativity in action😉
    Make it a temp. thingy, ok?😀

    *No twitter account yet?


  2. Yeah I used to that only with different stuff, I used books or whatever is in front of me🙂 try putting something really cold in that space🙂 also, try taking a rest😛

    1. I also usually use books but when my laptop got really heated I wanted to raise it higher from all sides. But nothing compete your second advice; I should have taken some rest. I am sure my laptop would have appreciated some hibernate time too🙂

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