What to do when FBI agents pay you a visit

Since September 11, 2001 until many years to come, many American Muslims received and will receive visits from FBI agents to have a chat. Asking questions about other Muslims in the community, whether they know people who may do harm, or who are involved in illegal activities, etc.

I wonder what an American Muslim who is father of American born Omar and Fatima answer his children when they ask him why FBI agents come to their house asking questions. And I wonder what he answers his children when they ask him why the FBI agents visit their house only and not their friends Mary’s and Michael’s father.

Here is a video that was posted on youtube by a part time peace volunteer for Palestine who got a visit from two FBI agents.

The Joint Terrorism Task Force Division of the FBI Visits an Austin Peace Activist to Question About Pre-Crimes! On April 21, 2010, two agents of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) came to my house to talk to me, a part time peace volunteer for Palestine. After verifying that they really were with the FBI, I asked them to wait. I shut my door, took a deep breath, and grabbed my video camera.


The purpose of posting this video in my blog is to serve two reasons:

  1. For Muslims in America to know their rights.
  2. For people in the Middle East to see how human’s rights are respected.


What I don’t understand about this video is how come the activist who taped the interview was allowed to post this video on the internet, is this legal? Doesn’t this video expose the identity of FBI agents? Although, she refused to answer their questions still this is an interview and she posted it to the public to see.

Regardless of whether you like or dislike the action of the activist or the FBI agents the video is worth watching.


10 thoughts on “What to do when FBI agents pay you a visit

  1. Don’t you love it when you live here and you feel as a human first and as a citizen that you have rights to ask questions, I do not want to compare it to what is happening when you get a visit from the police or the intelligence department back home..:)

    Thanks for sharing the video

    1. I knew this will eventually happen. Any way, I found the video somewhere else:

      It is really worth watching. Thanks for letting me know.

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