Watching the world cup in the library

During the weekdays I watch the world cup matches in the library. Yes, our Journalism School has flat screens everywhere in the building. In the J school’s library there are three flat screens. Of course all TVs are on mute if you are wondering. Hence, I use my computer to hear the match’s audio. In the first two pictures, Brazil vs. Chile match. Thank you J School’s library!

image image
image image

7 thoughts on “Watching the world cup in the library

  1. From the library! ha… hmmmmm, isn`t there a rule against that or something ;).

    I hope the you unplug yr mics and the sound gets “released” 😛


  2. ya salaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam 😀

    My brother promised me to take me out for watching every match for Brazil, and till now I didn’t watch any 😦

    I think he want to take me only at the final, when Brazil wins the World Cup 🙂

  3. Haitam, these TVs are only in the Journalism School’s library. They are always on news channels because they want their students to make use of these news somehow. Luckily, during the world cup they decided to switch to sport channels.

    Whisper, yes it is ya salaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam thing. The theme everywhere in the United States is how to make life easier for people, really. Insist on your brother to go out as soon as possible Brazil may not win the world cup 🙂

  4. I just want to thank u for ur advice 🙂
    Today we went out and watched the match and unfortunately it was Brazil last match 😦

    But it was a lovely day al7amdolellah 🙂

    1. The best thing I learned in life is that if you have money to spend, spend it on doing something not buying something. We always remember doing things but we easily forgot about things that we bought. You will always remember this lovely evening with your brother. Alhamdulilah it was a nice day.

    1. Yes, libraries are for reading and studying but not when the world cup is on 🙂
      I am enjoying the world cup very much and I will enjoy it even more when Germany defeats Spain today.
      Welcome to my blog!

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