PowerPoint gets sexier

If you own an iPhone or an iPod touch and you use PowerPoint here is an app for you. It is called i-Clickr. Currently, people use remote PowerPoint presenter to switch back and forth between slides and so they can move around and not stay still near their laptops, like what good presenters do.

As a college instructor I use PowerPoint but I don’t depend entirely on it. During the class session I use the blackboard to explain things in more detail or to show students the steps in solving a problem. The problem with the remote PowerPoint presenter is it can only switch between slides. On the other hand, i-Clickr has many advantages over the current PowerPoint presenter:

  1. Enables the user to see the slides on his iPhone/iPod touch. During my last lecture while I was using the blackboard I wanted to copy something from the slide so instead of stopping and go back to see what is on the slide, I looked at my iPod and continued.
  2. What is even more useful is that the presenter can read his slides’ notes on the iPod without the audience seeing it on the big screen.
  3. The presenter can see the next slide on his iPod. This helps the presenter to prepare for a good transition between slides.
  4. Enables the presenter to skip or select slides without the audience or students noticing.
  5. Uses WiFi so the presenter can move freely in any direction even in very big auditoriums.

You can see the current or the next slide.

courtesy of i-clickr


or you can see all the slides to select one without the audience noticing anything.

i-Clickr is highly recommended for people who do lots of presentations.

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