How many stories you know about a nation?

Everyday proves to be one of the best websites on the internet. Recently, they started adding subtitles to their videos in many different languages. Luckily, Arabic language is one of these languages.

Here is an interesting video I found at Huffingtonpost : TED Talks: Best Author Appearances Of The Past, And This Year’s Line Up (VIDEOS).

This is one of these videos. It is a very inspiring talk by a Nigerian born novelist and story teller, Chimamanada Adichie. I have never heard of her before but she for sure knows how to tell a story. Her charisma is very charming. Her talk is about the danger of a single story; how we stereotype others and how we generalize an entire nation with a single story. This is a video worth your time. You can also watch the video at TED with Arabic subtitles.



4 thoughts on “How many stories you know about a nation?

  1. She is very impressive, I liked how she quote from different books and may be I”m emotional here, but mentioned of Mourid Barghouthy made me more impressed ๐Ÿ™‚

    This like the single story the west have about Arab words
    beduin living in tents …camels…men with 4 wives … children with dirty noses… abused women…

    Thanks for sharing such an informative video with us ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. first of all thanx for such a wonderful post !
    i gave myself the permission to email it to everyone i know, i have a sister who’s an english literature professor who also loved it and saied she’ll use it at her class.
    what the author talked about reminded me about a documentary i watched 3 weeks ago about the novel ” forbidden love” wrote by the jordanian/american Norma Khouri in which she talked about honour crimes in jordan, and the novel became the best seller in the States.
    the novel made people think that women in jordan live in horror and can’t leave the door without a male escort, and someone in the documentary said that ” its not safe to walk in the streets of the middle east without a gun”, which is not the case at all ! and women don’t live like that in the arab world !
    we can’t deny the honour crime because its a fact, but look how one story can shade all the other facts about the arab nation.

    1. You are welcome! Very glad you and whisper liked it. The message in this clip is very powerful and I also liked her way of conveying it. I would love to show this clip to my students but the problem my area, computer science, is very different. So, students will not understand why I am showing them this video. I think it will be a good experience for students if your sister played this video in class.

      Something also very interesting mentioned in this video is that when the speaker wrote a story about Africa her professor didn’t like it because it didn’t look African and this is the same with the Arabic stories. Westerners usually amuse and indulge themselves when they read stories like Norma Khoury’s. And she got very famous for that.

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