End of summer session 2010

Finally, summer session 2010 is over. In the past two months I was very busy teaching a computer science course. Teaching college students everyday for 60 minutes is not an easy task. I was crammed with lecture preparation, writing lab assignments, grading, answering students’ emails, writing homework assignments, exams and of course grading.

Today, students did their final exam. This weekend I need to finish up grading and post final grades. As every semester I am expecting few tear jerking emails from students begging for a grade change. This is the part that I hate in teaching. It is really a struggle to read these usually very long emails explaining why they need to get an A or B instead of their C or lower grade and answer politely why I can’t change their grade. (I am currently writing a draft about this end of semester dilemma.)

Yesterday, we did a sort of group study something like a review session before the exam. To relieve the stress a little bit I showed my students a video clip about how young alien students do their abduction exam. This is really very funny.



11 thoughts on “End of summer session 2010

  1. Hahaha…it is funny …love it 😀
    I think this is their driving license exam 😀

    Allah y36ek el3afyeh….thats why I don’t like teaching :$

    About the students e-mails…this is some thing new, even though it’s a disturbing thing for the teachers ,I found it very useful for students, nice idea 🙂

    1. Allah Ye3afeky.
      Yes, most of the communication is done via emails which is something very convenient not just for students but also for teachers. Although, sometimes I receive too many emails.

  2. I noticed that students in the UK (probably everywhere else where grades can be reconsidered in case of unforeseen personal circumstances, i.e. everywhere but Jordan) tend to do this to boost their grades a notch every now and then. If your students are full of bull you can just ask them to discuss their circumstances with the school administration 😉

    1. Hello mate! Man my dream is to master the English accent. I am in love with this accent. Thanks for visiting.
      Back to the subject. You are right about giving students a second chance to get a better grade. I remember in my first semester in the US I got 60 something out of 100 in a project. The professor returned it back to me and told me that I could do better. Being a Jordanian student I didn’t believe it. It was something like never heard of before. You can’t imagine what this small gesture did to my self-esteem. I redid the project and got a full credit. When I teach I always give students more homework so they get a chance to learn better and improve their grade. Of course, there is always those BS emails from students who just want an A because they want an A not because they deserve it.

  3. lol @ “Hello mate”. I fancy the English accent as well but never use the word mate in conversation.

    I second your views on giving students second chances. I’ve never found myself in need of any of those during my studies in the UK although I can recall few times I could’ve used such treatment when I was doing my undergrad degree in Jordan.

    Even the best of students can screw up at some point due to reasons beyond their control. This is something I’d like to keep in mind and maybe act upon if I go back and teach in Jordan in the future.

    1. Hope you go back with this mentality in teaching. We definitely need a change over there 🙂
      Good luck with your PhD!

  4. congratulations for the end of semester, its must be a relief!
    students are the same all over the globe! I remember visiting the instructors’ rooms begging for extra grades.
    I loved the video clip so much, I wish I had a cool instructor like you back at college.
    have fun and enjoy your summer.

    1. Wow! I am a cool instructor. Thanks for the compliment 🙂
      You are right, students are the same when it comes to begging for extra grades.

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