Could Muslims dare to celebrate on September 11 any day soon?

Muslims follow the Islamic lunar calendar to determine the proper day on which to celebrate Islamic holy days and festivals. Next week, Muslims will be observing the moon or the crescent to determine the end of Ramadan month and the beginning of a new moon or the new month (i.e. Shawwal). The first day of Shawwal marks the end of Ramadan and the start of Eid Al-Fitr (festivity for breaking the fasting month).

Coincidentally, the first day of Shawwal the day in which 1.5 billion Muslims are going to celebrate their Eid might be on September 11. Ironically, many Muslim centers and organizations are going to shift their community events to Sunday September 12 as in ICNA case or one week after September 11 (i.e. September 18) as the Islamic Center here in my city. Every Muslim Center and Organization here in the US will give you a different reason why they will not hold their Eid event on September 11. But the reality is they can’t have their community event on September 11 out of fear that they will be accused of celebrating the death of 3000 Americans. Islam and Muslims are not welcomed here by at least half of the population. It turned out that Park51 (formerly Cordoba House) is not the only Islamic Center that is getting objection from people to be built.

Some Muslims haters already talked about how Muslims will celebrate September 11, when Ramadan started. Here are two examples of what have been said about ICNA’s Muslim family day at Six Flags event that will take place on September 12:

“Spitting on the face of Americans” (Joe Kaufman)

“Who picked the 9/12 date for Muslim Family Day and why?  Is it to show us that the day after the date of the attacks they are not only still here but growing in population and pandered to by places like Six Flags?” (Debbie Schlussel)

There are five to six million Muslim Americans here in the US. This big group has the highest percentage of educated people and the lowest percentage of crimes. You will never hear of a Muslim or an Arab mafia. Hospitals are full of Muslim doctors who help, by the will of Allah, cure thousands of Americans daily.

American Muslims have nothing to do with what happened on September 11, 2001 yet they have been called terrorists, sleeping cells, Americans haters, etc. Muslims in the US and Europe are not welcomed because of September 11. I know many Muslims like to describe Islam as a religion of peace but Islam is not just about peace it is bigger than that Islam is to spread justice among humans. Killing civilians, as what Al-Qaeda and the alike terrorist groups do, is no justice. 

Islam didn’t teach those terrorists to kill people. They are doing it because they were brain washed to hate others, including Muslims who are not in their groups. 

American Muslims should celebrate Eid even if it is on September 11. They are not celebrating the unjustifiable death of 3,000 Americans rather they are following what they have been commanded to do by Allah that is to celebrate a holy day (Eid Al-Fitr). Nine years have passed, hundred of thousands of Iraqi and Afghanistani have been killed, thousands of American soldiers have been killed, and a trillion dollar has been wasted. We need to stop, rethink and move on.


11 thoughts on “Could Muslims dare to celebrate on September 11 any day soon?

    1. You know as in any country there is always this group of people who hate everyone else. Luckily, there is always the opposite group of people who are very friendly and welcoming to others.

  1. I agree with you Jaraad. Enough is enough here – the FACT is that Eid is going to fall on/around 9/11. Nothing can be done about that.

    Also, since so many of the right-wing Republican ilk complain about too much “political correctness” and the liberal sensitivity to different viewpoints and people’s feelings, I think it’s time to practice what they preach. Nothing should be changed for them.

    By the way, I went to high school with Debbie Schlussel. I was actually in her younger sister’s graduating class (younger by one year, I think). Back then she was a member of the Young Republicans and a celebrated young, political voice. She really turned out to be an idiot in the end.

  2. “Islam and Muslims are not welcomed here by at least half of the population.” I saw a study that 70% of Americans would welcome a mosque in their town. But then you have to be careful of people who practice tokenism: “We are so tolerant, we have allowed mosque in our town!”. Welcoming, and loving your neighbor should be the goal.

    I think people are wise not celebrate Eid on Sept 11, but they need to make sure the public knows that they are taking this step as a form of respect and sensitivity, not just begrudgingly to avoid trouble.

    People value the former kind of response, and respect grows for those who choose it.

    1. 70% is very big percentage unless it is done in Dearborn, Michigan. I am not sure who did this poll, I doubt its credibility. From what I read and watch it sure doesn’t sound like it. I hope I am wrong and the study is true though.
      Not out of respect and not to underestimate the number of people died in Sept 11 but holding Muslims accountable for Sept 11 and asking them not to celebrate their holy days on that day will create even a bigger distance and resentment.
      Holding all Muslims responsible for Al-Qaeda is like holding all Christians responsible for KKK and like holding all Hindus responsible for what happened in Gujarat, India, and like many other hundreds of examples.
      The magnitude of the damage Sept 11 caused to Muslims is greater than to Americans. Muslims are being hated and rejected in Europe because of it. Other terrorist groups in Iraq like Al-Qaeda have been established because of it. Those groups have killed more Muslims than one could imagine.
      Believe me because the consequences of Sept 11, Muslims everywhere hate this day more than any Americans, who didn’t lose a beloved one in that day.
      The current situation will continue unless the western countries financially help the Muslim countries rather than sending soldiers. Terrorism existed not because of Islam it is existed because lack of money and political freedom that lead to lack of education.

  3. I’m not a politics expert “wal7amdolellah” but from what I heard, there were/ are a lot of big question marks around if Muslims were really behind that tragic event

    And It must be taken into consideration that Muslims are not who determine to celebrate this day ,it depend on the moon and they can’t change the date, just like celebrating Thanksgiving or Christmas

    I know its easy to say than do, but what in my mind that this should be declared now, no one knows may other Islamic occasion encounter the same day in the near future..

  4. i didnt notice that eid might be on the Sep. 11 th, thanks to jaraad’s posts for bridging westerns views thousands miles to us accross this planet…i will inspect more about it and get feedbacks from ppl living in other states concerning the impact of this issue in thier commuinties….though i heard nothing of such thing from anyone that lives in the states and i know alot spread out in the US that has many belives, views and practices.

    but i would say that we as muslim celebrating eid, is not based on loud and wild festivities, we pray to God at the crack of dawn as a one united whole, then visit each other and wishes each other a well year ahead, God’s blessings and his mercy upon each other and most these wishes are followed to include the rest of people by saying (الناس أجمعين) which will enfold every single human being on this earth.

    So maybe this is a chance for a 1.5 billion muslims to pray for the 3000 souls that had been taken away on Sep. 11 (you do the calculation),

    but this is not so astrange for the typical western mentality that will put العقدة بالمشار (which litrarly means creating a knot ahead of a saw). that has no true base for argument.

    1. By calculation the new month of Shawal will be on Friday Sept 10. I read that it may not be possible to be on Saturday Sep 11. Anyway, here in the US since we don’t have holidays during Eid days, Muslims celebrate the Eid on the nearest weekend. So if the Eid is on Friday people will have their community dinner or any other activities on Saturday which is Sep 11 and this what caused the controversy. And that is why many Muslim communities here will avoid having any activities on Sep 11.

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