During the low times in my life I may sometime feel a sort of narcissism and brag to myself that I am better than others. I would tell myself that I am a very good person and may selfishly and foolishly believe that I am one of a kind. But I believe Almighty would always send us different signs and it is up to us to whether learn something from these messages or not. Here are four signs that should keep me humble and remind me that there are always people out there who are better than me (or I, if you wish).

  • An invitation — During the 30 days of Ramadan I have been invited to Iftar (breaking the fast) by many friends but two friends asked me to have Iftar with their families every single day. They both insisted that I eat in their houses for the whole month of Ramadan. Those are not relatives or childhood friends they are two men who I only knew during my expat years.
  • A phone call — Three days before Eid Al-Fitr a very dear friend popped up in my dream. I have not seen or talked to him for about three years. This same friend called me on the first day of Eid to say hello and wish me a happy Eid. The dream was an indication that I should have called him but he imagepreceded me in doing good.
  • A gift – Only one day before Eid I received by mail a very dear gift to my stomach (a Baklawa mix) from a very close friend from another state. Receiving a gift out of no where is out of the ordinary and sending a gift to someone by mail is a beautiful gesture by kind people.
  • A traveler — A friend drove three and half hours to spend this Eid with us  here in the city.

A dear friend is not necessarily someone who is close in proximity to you; he might be very far away but still remembers and cares about you. Lucky are those who have many good friends, lucky me!


6 thoughts on “Friendship!

  1. When I first read this post direct Kinzi’s comment crossed my mined

    “May God bless you in a special way as you finish Ramadan, and bless you with a surprise or two.”

    Al7amdolellah thats what happened 🙂

    Good friend is a bless from God

    @kinzi….please please remember my in your prayers 😀

  2. Whisper,
    Amen and thanks a million! Hope you had a blessed and happy Eid with family and friends. May Allah rewards you for your good deeds and surprises you with what is best for you soon not later.

    I am glad to hear the post lifted up your spirit. Friendship is very valuable. Have a blessed and happy Eid!

    1. Sometimes we need to invest in a good friend. Someone who is not good to people will not be a good friend. So first we need to find a good person and try to make him/her our friend.
      Hope you will find yours very soon unless they are already around you. A good friend appears some time when we need him/her the most.

  3. We get so busy with life that we forget about the importance of friends and friendship. Taking the time to say hello to a friend and simply staying in touch is very important. These were signs that were telling you how fortunate you are to have such good friends, and to readjust your thinking. It’s very good you recognized this and even better you had such fun with your buddies. You are very fortunate!

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