Rev. Deborah C. Lindsay Preaching on Islamophobia

This is part of a sermon that both Muslims and Christians need to listen to. A very powerful and emotional message from Rev. Deborah C. Lindsay, First Community Church, Columbus, OH. I first knew about it this morning from Al-Arabia website [Arabic]. But it seems the video is spreading among Muslims on facebook.

She was very accurate of blaming the media accusing it of spreading fear among Americans:

There are too many people getting too much face time on television who claim exhausted status for Christianity and who are demeaning other faith traditions particularly that of Islam and my friends this has got to stop.

She then talked about religion humility:

A conversation about God demand grace and openness and wiliness to learn, to have our own ideas challenged, our conviction questioned. These are the hallmarks of humility… When you speak of God your voice should shake a little.

She explained very gracefully the message of the Quran and quoted a verse from the Quran which has an equivalent in the Bible:

But also like the bible the predominant message of the Quran is of peace and care and  loving God justice care for the neighbor care for the stranger. In the Bible we have thou shall not kill. In the Quran we have whoever kills another surely he is killing all of humanity and whoever saves the life of another surely he saves the lives of all humanity. These are words of peace words of faith words that could save the world, if we will take them to heart.

And her final message is:

Don’t focus on this tiny group of extremists who commit acts of violence, focus on the hundreds of millions of Muslim people in world who are people of faith whose priorities and concerns and families are not so different from your own.

I highly recommend watching the video, it is really a very interesting and gets emotional at the end. Thank you, Rev. Deborah C. Lindsay. People in the Muslim world will appreciate such openness and religion humility.

14 thoughts on “Rev. Deborah C. Lindsay Preaching on Islamophobia

  1. I was listening to her speech in the morning on the internet , First thing came to my mind is that we need people like her that are wise and have vision to narrow the gap between the Muslim world and USA , also I am posting the Video on my FB page

  2. Rev. Lindsay did a great job with this topic. A listing of the Muslims who died on 911 was moving…why has there not been more of a focus on there lives? Do you remember any coverage of that? I can’t imagine the Muslim woman, pregnant with her first child, pleading with a man of her own faith for the life of her child. Daisy Khan also mentioned a Muslim female first-responder who died, and I had not heard of her story either.

    These are the kinds of stories Imam Rauf would be wise to tell. In his proposed center, a memorial to the victims of 911, and a wall highlighting the lives of every Muslim who died at the hands of extremists, would create a bond of unity and shared grief, and encourage silent vows to never let this happen again.

    1. Dear Rev Deborah, I was so touched by the speach you gave on islamophobia, and I truely believe if there were more people that would speak out in peace like you are doing and the media could focus in relaying the message and not showing so much hate, we as Americans can overcome all the negative sterotypes that everyone puts in their minds the minute they think of the word Muslim… I salute your word of wisdom that you preach…. it is the word of LOVE AND UNITY. That in it self is the word of GOD and the way He wants us to live.. PEACE , Love and Harmony. God Bless you and reward you!

  3. Dear Rev Deborah. Very well said, I am a practcing Muslim and I am totally against terror and terrorism. It is people like you who should get full media attention not some Pastor who wants to spread more hatred.

  4. Rev. Deborah

    As a Middle-Eastern American I thank you for imparting wisdom and enlightenment to the Americans who are unaware of the true meaning of the Koran. Unfortunately in this fast information age ignorance breeds faster than prudence and reflection.

  5. Thank you for the bottom of my heart. Thanks for spreading the message of peace, love and understanding. We all are the same and need to focus on peace & tolerance and spread that and not spread hate.

  6. Dear Rev. Lindsay,
    Thank you. Hearing you speak so sincerely about peace and respect for other religions is so moving and restores my contentment in our American diversity as well as the shared beliefs of Christians and Muslims. I am a believing Muslim, born and raised in California, and always took for granted the general public’s ignorance about Islam. Thank you for educating so many. May God Bless you.

  7. really really she is agreat woman no comment she not fraid and she said the true iam happy some amircan people under stand us or the islam and i nedd her email to thank her

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